SharePoint Protocols Plugfest 2011: Event Videos

In late June, the Office and Windows Interoperability teams hosted a Windows File Sharing and SharePoint Protocols Plugfest that spanned five days. It was the first joint interoperability event between SharePoint and Windows and the event turned out to be one of the larger protocol events hosted at Microsoft. We had over 22 companies in attendance throughout the week. The five day event was filled with presentations, product team meetings, and testing workshops.

The event was a great opportunity for us to learn more about the protocol implementer community and we really appreciate everyone’s participation in the event. If you couldn’t make the event, we have uploaded videos of some of the protocol presentations to the event page on MSDN. We had speakers from all over SharePoint deliver developer focused talks on the SharePoint front end protocols.

Windows File Sharing and SharePoint Protocols Plugfest Videos

SharePoint Focused Presentations:

(we also had some talks on SharePoint protocol test tools. If you have any interests in protocol test tools please let me know)

 Do you have a specific interoperability interest? If so please let us know which topics you would like Microsoft to cover in an interoperability event. Otherwise, stay tuned for information on our 2012 event schedule.

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