Symantec and Microsoft working together on SharePoint Interoperability

In June, Microsoft hosted a SharePoint File Operations Protocols Plugfest. This event was targeted at 3rd party implementers who are using the Microsoft Open Specifications to build interoperable products. It was our team’s first event and it was great meeting all the participants who have engaged with the Open Specifications.


One of the topics we introduced at the event was how to engage with Microsoft to assist with protocol specific implementation testing. Our team has developed a set of protocol specific test tools that are based off of the Open Specification documentation. They are designed to exercise common scenarios and test cases within a given protocol. Many of the customers we have talked with are replacing, extending, or monitoring (man-in-the-middle) a protocol- and the test tools are help to test those implementations. Our primary objective with these test tools is to engage with the SharePoint protocol implementer community to help facilitate protocol testing.


These test tools will be made available in future Plugfests and Interoperability lab events. Plugfests are group events whereas Interoperability Labs are intensive one-on-one events.  Essentially, an Interoperability Lab event consists of Microsoft and your company testing your protocol implementation with our test tools in a 1:1 setting. The event lasts between 1-5 days and takes at least three months to plan due to all the variables involved. 


In November, we engaged in the Office organizations first Interoperability Lab with Symantec! Engineers from Microsoft and Symantec spent the week discussing and testing a Microsoft SharePoint Server and a Symantec Enterprise Vault solution. Symantec’s product implements the Open Specifications and interacts with SharePoint, making it a perfect candidate for our test tools. The week was productive as I think both companies gained value from the experience. It was really exciting to get a new perspective from Symantec and watch our test tools and SharePoint in action with their product. It was a great experience.


If you have an interest in attending a Plugfest (or recommending a Plugfest topic) or an Interoperability Lab Event, please let me know.

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