New Office and SharePoint Products Network Monitor Parsers are available!

It has been an exciting couple of months for the Office Interoperability team and we are happy to announce an update to the Office and SharePoint Products Network Monitor Parsers. Yesterday, we released version 1.2 of the Office Parsers! This update includes enhanced support for both our 2007 and 2010 Office and SharePoint protocols. We are constantly working on making new parsers available so please stay tuned for future updates.

To download the parsers please visit the link below, but remember you will need the latest version of both Network Monitor and the Network Monitor parsers.

Instructions for using the latest version of the Office and SharePoint Products Network Monitor Parsers:

1.       Download and install version 3.4 of Network Monitor

2.       Download and Install version 3.4.2554 of the Network Monitor Parsers

3.       Download and Install version 1.3 of the Office and SharePoint Product Network Monitor Parsers

Related resources that you may find useful when using Network Monitor:

If you are looking for a Office parser that is not available in the current release, please let us know. We are constantly developing new parsers and will expediate your request as much as possible.

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