Introducing WOPI

This blog post describes how to create a custom WOPI host.  A WOPI host is document storage location that can connect to Office Web Apps Server to open Office documents in the browser.  When the WOPI host is configured to use Office Web Apps Server, users are able to view and edit documents stored on…


Calling Office developers: Windows 8 Release Preview is now available

Most of you must have already heard yesterday that the Windows 8 Release Preview is available. This public release follows a series of earlier developer and consumer preview releases which aroused controversy. Today’s reviews have generally been positive over the wide range of Windows 8 features. For example, zdnet favors most the rich and polished collection…


Microsoft announces "Office 15" Technical Preview

PJ Hough, Corporate VP of Office Division, recently announced the beginning of the “Office 15” Technical Preview program. We are extremely excited about Office 15. As mentioned in PJ’s post, the Technical Preview is shared with a select group of customers under non-disclosure agreements. We plan to work closely with these Technical Preview participants and incorporate…


New blog direction for "Office Developer Blog"

The Office Client Developer Content Resources blog has embarked on a new, broader direction – we are now Office Developer Blog! We hope to continue to serve our Office developer customers with news, tips, product and content release announcements in this new year!


Finding your way around Office developer documentation

I’d like to share with those of you who are new to Office solutions development a few tips about using Office developer documentation. Where Like most Microsoft products, our most up-to-date Office developer documentation is published on MSDN Library. The most common ways to find content is to use a search engine or the Table…


Nice Roll-up of Recent Publications: Access, Excel, Office, OneNote, Outlook, Visio, Word

  API References and SDKs  Component API Reference for Office 2010 Outlook 2010 Developer Reference (MSDN refresh) Outlook 2010 Primary Interop Assembly Reference (MSDN refresh) OneNote Developer Reference: Application Interface      Technical Articles  Creating Subprocess Diagrams Programmatically in Visio 2010 (March refresh) Creating Subprocess Drawings Programmatically in Visio 2010        Sample Code…


Improving Outlook Performance (Part I): Video and Sample Add-In to Show Setting and Getting Multiple Custom Properties

Microsoft Outlook supports properties for items and folders. For example, a MailItem object has built-in properties such as the To, Subject, and Body properties, and a Folder object has built-in properties such as the Name and CurrentView properties. Developers can create custom properties for items and folders as well. Improving performance has been a major…


A Simple Macro to Track Your Time in the Outlook Calendar

The Scenario Do you sometimes wonder how time slipped by during the work day, and you can’t recall what projects you worked on or how much time you spent on them? I usually record how I spend my time in the Outlook calendar. For example, today, I did the following: ·         I spent one hour…


A Few Office 2010 Object Model References Live on MSDN!

Today we published a few Office 2010 object model references on the MSDN Library: Access 2010 Developer Reference Excel 2010 Developer Reference Outlook 2010 Developer Reference Project 2010 Developer Reference Word 2010 Developer Reference These versions are currently the most up-to-date developer references for the corresponding Office 2010 client applications. Developer References for Office 2010 (APIs shared across…


Outlook Social Connector 1.1 – What’s in it for Me?

Microsoft announced the Microsoft Outlook Social Connector (OSC) 1.1 yesterday, together with a new Facebook provider and Windows Live Messenger provider, joining LinkedIn and MySpace in the family of OSC providers. You can go to our social network providers page to view and download any of these providers. The OSC is a Microsoft Outlook add-in…