Download for the Outlook 2007 MAPI Reference is now available!

You can now download the Outlook 2007 MAPI Reference from the Microsoft Download Center at! Since my last blog post in January, it seems like the major search engines have made some progress on their crawling. When you search for some commonly used MAPI names today, like PidTagBody and IABContainer::IMAPIContainer, the more popular search engines return them on the first…


Where is the MAPI documentation?

Some internal partners and external customers have asked where to find the Messaging API (MAPI) documentation. Coincidentally, there were some updating issues on the MSDN server for a couple of days around the middle of the month, which caused corruption in the MSDN table of contents, looking for the MAPI documentation became a more frustrating experience. The…


We Get E-mails: Where Are the Object Members?

The object model reference documentation for the Office client applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, etc., etc.) provides detailed information about the associated properties, methods, and events for objects that are exposed through the API of each client application. This information is crucial if you develop applications that automate the client applications. You can find…


Open XML SDK 1.0 Available

Just read fantastic news from Erika Ehrli Cabral that the Open XML SDK 1.0 is now available. She writes: “The Open XML Format SDK Technology Preview simplifies the task of manipulating Open XML packages. The Open XML Application Programming Interface (API) encapsulates many common tasks that developers perform on Open XML packages, so you can…

Open XML Format SDK April CTP

Erika has a detailed post on the new release of the Open XML Format SDK, as well as the future of the SDK. The Client Dev Docs team is looking forward to creating the new components (Version 2.0, below) of the SDK over the coming year.

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 VBA Reference Feedback

Greetings. My name is Rod Chisholm and I am the Programming Writer for Excel client VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and Programmability. Our reference material is available in the box, on MSDN, and NOW on Office Online. This gives us the unique opportunity to gather ratings and feedback from our users to help strengthen our topics,…


Video: Quick Tips on using VBA Help with Office

There are some quick and easy things you can do to make sure you are getting the optimal VBA Developer Help experience when working with the 2007 Office System. Watch this three minute video to learn more. ‘


Hello. My name is David Hale and I am a new Content Publishing Manager at Microsoft Corporation in the Office organization.   The people on my team produce the developer-oriented content (published on MSDN and Office Online) for the following applications: Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access Microsoft Outlook Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft InfoPath and InfoPath…