When should I choose to create a mail app versus an add-in for Outlook?

Some of you may or may not be aware that alongside with the legacy COM-based Office client object models, Office 2013 supports a new apps for Office developer platform. This blog post is intended to help new and existing Office developers understand the main differences between the COM-based object models and the apps for Office…


What’s new for developers in Visio 2013?

In this post, I’ll introduce some of the new features of interest to developers in Visio 2013. Among these features are: New file format Robust updates to themes The change shape feature (that allows you to replace one shape with another while Maintaining shape text) New shape effects Improvements to commenting Coauthoring on SharePoint Server…


What’s new in Access 2013 for developers

Mike Stowe, Programming Writer, Office Developer Documentation team, authored today’s post. Access 2013 features a new type of application model, Access apps, that’s makes it easy to create, customize, and deploy an app to the cloud. This post briefly describes some of the features that make that possible. Bring Access apps to the cloud with Office…


Office 2013 Developer Content Landscape

Hi, my name is Luke Nyswonger and I lead the developer content team for Office programmability. My team creates developer docs, code samples, and videos for client extensibility—apps for Office, VBA, Open XML, etc. In this version of Office, we made a much larger investment for developers than any other previous releases. As both Brian…


What’s new in Excel 2013 Preview for developers

New features for developers in Excel 2013 Preview Frank Rice, Senior Programming Writer, Office Developer Documentation team, authored today’s post. This post briefly describes some of the features available to developers in Excel 2013 Preview.  Apps for Office Of course, the big news for developers and users are apps for Office in Excel that brings…


What’s new for developers in the new Project desktop (besides task pane apps)

Project Standard 2013 and Project Professional 2013 include many new features for developers, such as new reports, task paths, cache status, and working with SharePoint tasks lists. This article shows VBA examples for new features in Project. You can use the new classes and members in the Project object model with VBA or with Visual…


Change shapes in Visio 2013

Visio 2013 introduces a “Change Shape” feature that enables you to swap out a selected shape or group of shapes in the drawing with another type of shape. The new shapes can retain the position, connections, formatting, shape text, and/or shape data of the originals. For example, take a drawing like the following simple flowchart….


Win a prize in the app contest!

Have you heard? There’s an app contest going on and you’re invited! App contest? That’s right! Vivek Narasimhan, Product Marketing Manager for Office and SharePoint, recently announced the app contest in the official Apps for Office and SharePoint Blog. The app contest is open to developers who have a great idea for an app for…


The Excel Button – Awesome for Developers

Dan Battagin, Principal Program Manager on the Excel team, authored today’s post. Recently on the Excel blog, the Excel team announced The Excel Button – Bringing Excel Everywhere. The button allows developers to bring the power of Excel to data on their web site with just two (yes, that’s 2) lines of HTML. Adding this…


What’s new in Word 2013 Preview for developers

In this post, I’ll highlight some of the new features for developers in Word 2013 Preview. As Frank Rice mentioned in his recent post, What’s new in Office 2013 Preview for developers, the most exciting new feature in Office 2013 Preview is apps for Office, which, for example, enables you to use live web content…