Vote for the prototype you like for the Open XML SDK!

Our team is working on some ideas for one of our developer documentation sets – the Open XML SDK – and we’d like your feedback. Please download the attached zip file that contains the two prototypes, take a few minutes to compare them, and vote for which you prefer (A or B). Feel free to post additional comments. Thanks!




Comments (18)

  1. Randy Vande Griend says:

    I prefer (B) due to the added section on the top (understanding the concepts). Thanks for asking.

  2. Andrew Babiec says:

    B – because it shows the relevant code immediately.

    A shows too much information about the actual Document structure – should be moved for reference to the bottom of the page or another section (as done in B)

  3. DreamTech says:

    I prefer (B) as well… It has additional section that explains about the document.

  4. Jigar Mehta says:

    B is better.

  5. Hubert Daubmeier says:

    Clearly B has my vote.

  6. weberf says:

    B = better

  7. Jelle-Jeroen Lamkamp says:

    I prefer B

  8. Mauricio Grimberg says:

    B, I sum with same ideas as Randy

  9. Pete Aven says:

    B – appreciate the extra 'understanding the structure' section. Thanks!

  10. Tom Urtis says:

    B is my choice…more intuitively arranged.

  11. Eckehard says:

    It's B.

  12. Anders Olofsson says:

    I prefer (B).

  13. Mourad Louha says:

    B is my favourite as it allows to quickly find some infos about the structure of a document.

    Thanks & Regards 🙂

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