Developing Outlook 2010 Solutions for 32-bit and 64-bit Systems

This post captures and summarizes information about developing an Outlook solution for customers who run 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook 2010. Since developing Outlook solutions is a very broad subject, the article gathers information from various sources, and points to some of these locations for further details. Bitness Compatibility Between Windows and Office 2010 Let’s first…


Want More Office2010 Developer Content?

Erika Ehrli Cabral has great post about all of the new content we’ve published to help you get started with Office 2010 development. She also has links to the downloads so you can get the Beta!  

Accessing Outlook Developer Help During the Office 2010 Beta Period

The help model in Microsoft Office 2010 for Office client applications such as Access, Excel, Outlook, and Word has remained the same as in Office 2007: when you click F1, you can choose to access help that is installed on your computer, or help available on the Office Web site. During the Office 2010 Beta…


Developer Help Updates for Office 2010 Beta

In the intervening time between when we had to hand-off the Developer References to go into the Office 2010 Beta several weeks ago and now, the Office Developer Documentation team has been extremely busy adding new content about the new features. We have added hundreds of new topics to the references! This post describes to…