MVP Helmut Obertanner contributes code samples to the Outlook Developer Reference!

I am happy to announce that MVP Helmut Obertanner became the first MVP who contributed code samples to the Outlook 2007 Developer Reference on Office Online!

The two code samples that Helmut contributed are about the Account object, published in a new topic "How to: Send an E-mail Given the SMTP Address of an Account" and in the Account Object topic. These code samples are in managed code (C# and Visual Basic), which will directly benefit Outlook developers who have switched to using managed code over the last few years.

If you would like to see these code samples, they are available in the Office Online version of the Outlook 2007 Developer Reference. To view these code samples:

  1. In Outlook, click F1.

  2. Click the down arrow next to Search.

  3. Under Content from Office Online, select Developer Reference if it is not already selected. This selection allows you to view the most current content in the Outlook 2007 Developer Reference on Office Online. This content is more up-to-date than the Outlook 2007 Developer Reference on MSDN.

  4. Type account in the text box adjacent to Search.

  5. Select the topics, “Account Object”, and “How to: Send an E-mail Given the SMTP Address of an Account” returned in the search results.

Typing other search keywords such as Helmut or MVP also returns these topics. Other than searching, developers can get to the new "How to: Send an E-mail Given the SMTP Address of an Account" topic via the following topics

  • "How Do I... in Outlook" - lists this how-to topic in the list of how-to's in the developer reference

The following reference topics also list this how-to topic in the See Also section:

  • Account object topic

  • Account.SmtpAddress property topic

  • Accounts object topic

  • MailItem object topic

  • MailItem.Body property topic

  • MailItem.Recipients property topic

  • MailItem.Subject property topic

  • MailItem.Send method topic

  • MailItem.SendUsingAccount property topic

I really appreciate Helmut's contribution, and anticipate to receive more code samples from him in the future. Go to Helmut's site at to find out more about his work!

BTW, at the moment, there is a small glitch on our publishing site that the URL of Helmut's site,, is displayed not exactly as such but as the internal hyperlink we use to redirect viewers to Internet sites. Nonetheless, the hyperlink is clickable and brings viewers to Helmut's site, and our content engineering team is looking into fixing this glitch. Also, Helmut's code samples will be carried forward to the Developer Reference and Primary Interop Assembly Reference for Microsoft Outlook 2010.

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