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Come see us at this year’s //build conference as we take you on a journey through the latest updates and improvements to the Office and SharePoint APIs and Services. We have made huge investments in the developer capabilities for apps for Office and SharePoint, as well as the new Office 365 APIs, which are services that enable external access to Office 365 data.

Don’t miss these Office developer track sessions at //build:

Start your journey with an overview of all the things that are new in Office and SharePoint development with the Build Connected Productivity Apps (2-567) session, then explore the details of the new APIs in the sister sessions Office Power Hour (3-568), SharePoint Power Hour (3-569) and Apps for Outlook Power Hour (3-574). Next, we’ll go through more examples of how SharePoint apps can be created using some of the most widely used 3rd-party JavaScript libraries in the SharePoint 2013 Apps with AngularJS (2-570) session.

After that, make it easy for users to work together! Take a little detour into the realm of social, and explore how we can extend the social enterprise experience with Building Enterprise Social Apps with Yammer (3-571), and how we can enable data capture and retention through customized experiences by using the new OneNote Services APIs in Captivate Consumers with the OneNote API (3-572).

Finally, we’ll have our friends from the Visual Studio team deep dive into the Cloud Business Apps templates in Visual Studio that enable rapid and agile development of apps for SharePoint with easy connectivity to a variety of external data sources in Developing Office 365 Cloud Business Apps (3-573).

We’re excited to share the new development APIs available for the Office platform. Stop by the Office booth and get your “Working on it…” t-shirt and invaluable reference posters. We’ll also have expert staff on hand to discuss any of the topics in our sessions or answer any of your questions.

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See you in San Francisco!

Office Developer Platform Team

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  1. Whoo hoo! Looking forward to it 🙂

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    here here

  3. Joe says:

    office 365 just bought the year for $99

    word om my iPad the HEBREW is coming out backward, but its OK if I use the E mail

    can you fix it?

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