New content for SharePoint developers: Infographics!

In this post, learn about the new infographics that visually explain many aspects of SharePoint development. The infographics cover a wide range of topics from explaining what SharePoint is to detailing the workflow architecture, to a comprehensive selection of apps for SharePoint topics.

We are committed to provide exciting and modern content for developers. For SharePoint Conference 2014, we have developed a set of infographics that explain aspects of SharePoint in a more visual way. You can download the infographics individually or browse them on the apps for SharePoint dev center.

SharePoint infographics are broken out into three general areas: Introductory material, App patterns, and Design choices.

Find 15 apps for SharePoint infographics at
Figure 1. Apps for SharePoint infographics

Introductory material

The infographics in this area provide basic knowledge about SharePoint and apps. Developers new to SharePoint or new to the app model will benefit the most. Seasoned SharePoint veterans can always benefit from the visually oriented nature of the infographics:

  • What is SharePoint?
  • Why build apps for SharePoint?
  • What can you do with apps?
  • Mapping SharePoint concepts to apps
  • SharePoint API landscape

App patterns

Identify some patterns that apply to your particular environment with these infographics. Learn about the general tasks, programming languages, and tools involved in every pattern:

  • SharePoint-hosted apps
  • ACS, provider-hosted apps
  • High trust, provider-hosted apps
  • Cross-domain, provider-hosted apps

Design choices

Take a look at these infographics when in doubt about designing your app. The infographics in this area show you when it’s advisable to use one option over others:

  • Hosting options
  • App types at a glance
  • Data storage in apps
  • Data access options in apps for SharePoint (external data)
  • Data access options in apps for SharePoint (SharePoint data)
  • SharePoint workflows

The infographics are provided by the Office Developer Content Publishing team at Microsoft. If you want to see other infographics, please give us your ideas in the Office Developer Platform UserVoice site. Finally, check other content for developers published this week in the SPC14 and new content for developers post.

Comments (2)

  1. MrIsaac says:

    Silly question, but what are the rights on the posters, can we print them in Large format, not for resale obviously.

  2. Ricardo Loo says:

    You can definitely print them in large format. Check section 3. Microsoft Content for more details

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