New release: People Graph and Wikipedia apps for Office

The Microsoft ecoSystem group is pleased to announce two free apps the People Graph app v1.1 for Excel 2013 and the Wikipedia v1.1 app for Word 2013 and Excel 2013. They are now available on Office Store for you to download and use!

People Graph is a cool app for Office that transforms your cold data to vivid pictures. The new release includes eight new shapes, simplified data binding, and added new notifications and error handling.

The Wikipedia app for Office helps you quickly access Wikipedia content from Office and simplifies the process of referencing text and images. Now you can use the Wikipedia app as a dictionary and it supports non-ANSI characters.

People Graph

Do you want to visualize your Excel data? Do you want more Infographic-like charts? The latest version includes a polished UI and more shapes to help you add pizazz to your data.

Bind your data

In a few steps, you can tell a story with vivid Excel data.

Figure 1. Bind you data
Figure 1. Bind your data

Chart types

Now, the app includes three chart types.

Figure 2. People Graph charts
Figure 2. People Graph charts

Chart themes

For each chart type, there are seven themes to choose.

Figure 3. Multiple themes for each chart
Figure 3. Multiple themes for each chart

Chart shapes

You can choose from 16 shapes to tell your story.

Figure 4 Multiple shapes
Figure 4 Multiple shapes

Install the People Graph app for Office

We use Excel 2013 as an example to show how to install the app.

1. Sign in to Office 2013 with your Microsoft Account

2. Open Excel 2013 and choose INSERT > Apps for Office.

Figure 5. Insert an app for Office
Figure 5. Insert an app for Office

3. Choose FEATURED APPS, search “People Graph”, and then choose Add.

Figure 6. Search for the app
Figure 6. Search for the app

4. Choose Trust It.

Wikipedia v1.1 new features

In the new Wikipedia V1.1 release, you can use the app as a dictionary and it supports non-ANSI characters.

Use “Define” to insert app and search for a word

Now you can search for a word without first inserting the Wikipedia app. To do that, select the word, choose it, and then choose “Define.” The app will automatically insert the word into the search box.

Figure 7. Dictionary

Support for non-ANSI characters

In the new release, the app supports quick access to non-ANSI Wikipedia content from Word 2013 and Excel 2013.

chinese chars 
Figure 8. Support for non-ANSI characters

Enhanced performance for search

Also, we enhanced the app performance for a better search experience.

Figure 9. Enhanced search performance


Stay tuned for more great apps for Office and SharePoint released on Office Store. And if you are interested in developing your own apps for Office and SharePoint, we have great news for you: you can reference the source code of the apps. Now you can download the Wikipedia app source code from Wikipedia App for Office source (GitHub). And we will publish the People Graph app source code soon.

Comments (2)

  1. Sam says:

    Too bad we can't listen to any embedded audio on Wikipedia wikis, as Wikimedia has chosen ogg web format (as opposed to MP3) which Microsoft's products like IE doesn't support! So no luck in office app either.

  2. Seriously? says:

    I think the screenshots are way too perfect. You should have compressed them a bit more to save bandwidth.

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