Cross-post from the Office News blog: New opportunities for developers thanks to Office Store investments

On October 1st, Dene Cleaver published a post on the Office News blog: Office Store investments bring new opportunities to developers.

In his post, Dene shared great news. Starting spring, the Office Store will support Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Brazilian (Portuguese), and Italian languages. Office is also opening 8 additional store fronts (Russia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Brazil). For you, the developer, this means that your work has wider distribution and there are more opportunities to sell your app. To take advantage of these investments, you have to get your app ready for a global market by using the following resources:

Not only that, the Office Store will add subscription pricing for apps. You’ll have more choices to earn your well-deserved money when publishing your apps on the Office Store. In November, users will be able to purchase subscription apps. Read Decide on a pricing model for your app for Office or SharePoint for more information.

For more details, see the Office Store investments post on the Office News blog.

Dene Cleaver is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

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