Curious about how to leverage Office 365 through Windows 8 apps?

Post Update: I got a few requests to modify the code in my previous blog post to enable SSO (single sign on). Basically allowing a user to view SPO content from a Windows Store App by using his/her corporate credentials or, even better, using integrated windows auth. If you are interested in how the auth message flow works or want to take a look at the code I recently posted part 2 here: Developing Windows 8 Store Apps for SharePoint Online with SSO (Single Sign On). Thanks for reading, Omar.

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Omar Venado, a Program Manager at Microsoft, recently published on his blog an excellent article about how to build windows 8 apps that connect to Office 365 and, in particular, SharePoint Online. The methodology involves the Client Object Model (CSOM) for SharePoint, OAuth, and some of the new REST services now available as part of SharePoint. In other words, the new development framework that we call the cloud app model.

We thought you might be interested in reading it, too. So, here it is: Windows Store Apps + new Office 365 Enterprise Preview (SharePoint Online).

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