Forgotten Attachment Detector Outlook Add-in now supports Arabic, German and Japanese

One of the most requested features for Forgotten Attachement Detector Outlook Add-in (FAD) was to support languages other than English.  In fact, our data indicated that users already figured out a way of using FAD for other languages by adding keywords specific to those languages in the keyword list. Unfortunately, FAD was not set up to be used this way and resulted in more false positives.
Today Microsoft announced a new release of FAD that supports three additional languages – Arabic, German and Japanese.  These languages were chosen for the unique and diverse challenges they present in localization, obviating the need to support any additional languages. Along with localization support, this release contains several performance enhancements and a few bug fixes. Get the new version here.
FAD also works with Office 2010. If you haven’t explored Office 2010 yet, try it here and explore some of the new capabilities such as conversation view, Outlook Social Connector, and Quick StepsPlease keep your great feedback coming in the Microsoft Office Labs Forum and thanks again for trying FAD.
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