Introducing Office International

We are the Office International team.  We are responsible for the international (also known as “localized”) versions of Microsoft Office 2010.  The purpose of this post is to introduce you to our team and to open a channel to share relevant news about Office 2010 and communicate with Office users worldwide.

Creating the international versions of a product like Microsoft Office 2010 is a big endeavor.  Office is one of the most widely used software products worldwide, and because of that it is localized into many languages.  Microsoft Office is composed of applications full of great features containing millions of translatable words.  In order to manage such a big project, Office International has a team of very knowledgeable, technical and experienced PMs, engineers and testers to plan the work from the moment the product specifications are being created to the moment the last language is released to the market.

Our team is based in different parts of the world.  We work closely with the developers, testers and PMs responsible for all Office features to ensure all features can be easily localized.  We are also responsible for producing, testing and releasing all international versions of Office.  Together with our localization and testing third-party partners, and Microsoft subsidiaries worldwide, our ultimate goal is to release the highest quality international versions of Office as close as possible to the English product.

On behalf of our team, I would like to thank you for your interest in Microsoft Office 2010.  We look forward to your comments and to sharing more news about the Office 2010 Beta release in the coming weeks.  To learn more about Office 2010, add the Office International team blog to your list of bookmarks. 

If you have comments about the quality of international versions of Office, you can definitely leave your comment here.

Alfredo de Almeida, Lead International Project Engineer, Office Software International

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