Common Questions from Office 2010 International Customers

This is a quick post to answer some of the most common questions from international customers in different sites and newsgroups.


Is the Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview available in my language?

The Technical Preview is available in English and Japanese only.


Even though the Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview is not available in my language, can I still input text and edit files using my language?

As long as your operating system supports your language, you can use the Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview to input text and edit documents using your language without problems.


Are there any plans to release more languages in the next Beta release?

In the coming weeks we will be in the position to disclose more details about the languages that will be available as part of Microsoft Office 2010 Beta.  Stay tuned!


Where can I find more information about Microsoft Office 2010 proofing tools?

Take a look at the Office Natural Language team blog.  It has a lot of interesting information about international proofing tools, like spell-checkers, contextual spellers, hyphenators and teshauri, and the plans and new features that will be introduced as part of Office 2010.

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