Holly Thomas: Web life for grownups

As an editor for the Office group, Holly Thomas focuses on OneNote, Visio, and editorial (r)evolution. Her idea for this column came from a mind-bending conference on Enterprise 2.0 (how BIG BUSINESS uses social media). During her off hours she’s a visual artist and writer intrigued (inspired? perplexed? disturbed?) by what’s unfolding in the world….


Toney Sisk: What’s all this talk about Web 2.0?

 (Toney Sisk is a writer for Microsoft Office, and his focus is on Project and Project Server.) No, Web 2.0 isn’t the latest software download from Microsoft. Nor is it a new “release” of the World Wide Web. With the blossoming of Web sites over the past five years that help you create and share…

Monte Enbysk: Tips for promoting your business through social networks

Monte Enbysk is a senior editor at Microsoft Office Live, and writes about Web-related issues for small businesses. He previously was a columnist and managing editor of the Microsoft.com Small Business Center, and before that a writer and editor at MSN Money, Washington CEO magazine, and daily newspapers in Washington and Oregon. When he’s not…