Blurring old border lines

Ed McKillop has been writing and editing technical and marketing content for over ten years. He has written catchy phrases and many manuals (some boring, some not so boring) for aircraft, servers, hardware, software, cell phones, and a machine that tested water and air for anthrax, back when no one knew what anthrax was. He lives quietly in Seattle, with his small dog Toby, and enjoys writing emails to his friends.

What’s cool about mobility and technology is that it’s no longer just comic-book fantasy. Not that long ago, Dick Tracy had his wrist radio, which seemed amazing and impossible. Today we can call anyone in the world, take a picture, store information, play games, and be productive on small, hand-held devices.


Dick Tracy was usually on the go. Like him, we spend an increasing portion of our workweek outside the office. We’re blogging, podcasting, working at home, and using Facebook at the office. There’s a melding as mobility blurs our old border lines.

So how do we really take advantage of all this? Why, through Microsoft Office, of course!

If you’re just getting started in your career, starting over, or just need to be moving faster, netbooks are the way to go. Today these small laptops are available at prices starting at $275.00 and they usually come with built-in WiFi networking capabilities. On that computer you can install the very affordable Microsoft Works. Concerned about working with this version and the full version of Office? Use these tips to keep your pace moving.

Maybe you’re a Works user and have considered making your documents and presentations in a richer environment. Check out our 60-day free trial. You can select from Office Professional, Home & Student, Standard, and for those remaking their careers in their own way, Office Small Business. There’s one for you and your success.

Office Live is Office in the cloud. What’s that? Instead of storing everything on your computer, or working with a corporate network, you can store and collaborate using the Internet. It’s an online service. Not sure how it all works? Watch this great video by my co-worker. I’ve yet to see post-its used in such an effective manner.

One of the best aspects of mobility is that we’re not sitting in front of large, energy hogging machines as much as we were. Microsoft is focusing on how, as a corporation and as individuals, we can live with and create technology that pollutes less and less. Did you know that 60% of computers are being left on all night? That’s 19.82 billion kilowatt hours of electricity wasted and 14.4 million tons of associated carbon dioxide emissions. Intrigued? You can learn more about green computing or see the Microsoft top projects that seek to create a healthier planet.

I think Dick Tracy would be impressed with where technology is taking us.

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  1. onlinenursing01 says:

    A real live busy man in action, guess rich man’s works never will be finished

  2. I try Microsoft Works and it can help to achieve more mobility. But it demands some time to understand.

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