Kristin Beck: Why a customer-first perspective is best for Web content

Kristin Beck is the editor of Columns & Outlook Help on Office Online. When not braving the elements in Redmond, she can be found in Seattle, trying to convince her two children to eat less pasta, more vegetables. It’s impossible not to notice the fact that the Web is changing how we function, write, and…


Meet more Office Hours writers

Judy Safran-Aasen & John D. Berry: Text wrangling in Office 2007Two of Microsoft’s top typography experts offer examples that will help you make your text as readable as it can be. Frederique Klitgaard: Good worksheet designGood worksheet design is more important than you might think, especially when you plan to share your worksheet data with…


Holly Thomas: Web life for grownups

As an editor for the Office group, Holly Thomas focuses on OneNote, Visio, and editorial (r)evolution. Her idea for this column came from a mind-bending conference on Enterprise 2.0 (how BIG BUSINESS uses social media). During her off hours she’s a visual artist and writer intrigued (inspired? perplexed? disturbed?) by what’s unfolding in the world….


Toney Sisk: What’s all this talk about Web 2.0?

 (Toney Sisk is a writer for Microsoft Office, and his focus is on Project and Project Server.) No, Web 2.0 isn’t the latest software download from Microsoft. Nor is it a new “release” of the World Wide Web. With the blossoming of Web sites over the past five years that help you create and share…

Roxanne Kenison: Loving to learn the 2.0 life

Roxanne Kenison is a technical writer in the Office group and was first aware of Microsoft as a logo on a building next to her local Burgermaster. She laments the lack of time to pursue several hobbies, but manages to get outdoors occasionally with her husband and son, with whom she makes her home in…

Philip Su: Top 10 most useful secret ninja moves in Office

Philip Su is a principal software engineer at Microsoft. He has also been a developer in Office, MSN, Windows, and Live Search. In his copious free time, Philip co-authored Building Tablet PC Applications, taught classes at the University of Washington, and managed to almost get fired twice. For more random wackiness about Philip, read his…


Shellie Tucker: PowerPoint without bullets

As part of the Office Online Training and Demos team, Shellie Tucker has written about PowerPoint, Word, InfoPath, Office SharePoint Server, and other Office programs. She cares about the audience, so please provide feedback! It was a gamble. And it gave us pause. Could we give a PowerPoint presentation and use NO BULLET POINTS? Could…


Anneliese Wirth: Surviving the switch to Excel 2007

 Anneliese Wirth is a Senior Writer in the Office User Assistance group at Microsoft. She currently writes about InfoPath 2007 and Excel 2007 for Office Online. In her spare time, Anneliese enjoys a healthy mix of high and low culture. She also enjoys talking about unicorns, ponies, and rainbows with her four-year-old daughter and debating…


Monte Enbysk: Tips for promoting your business through social networks

Monte Enbysk is a senior editor at Microsoft Office Live, and writes about Web-related issues for small businesses. He previously was a columnist and managing editor of the Small Business Center, and before that a writer and editor at MSN Money, Washington CEO magazine, and daily newspapers in Washington and Oregon. When he’s not…


Davoid Salaguinto: Drawing a daily comic strip with Visio

David Salaguinto is a writer on the Office User Assistance team at Microsoft. For the past 8 years, he’s worked on various versions of Visio, including Visio 2000, 2003, and 2007. Before Visio, he was a programmer writer for Microsoft Research, a marketing writer for Spectrum Controls, and a technical editor for Paccar Technical Center….