[Tutorial & Sample] WCF Data Services Entity Framework Provider is updated with WCF Data Service 5.6.2

After WCF Data Services Entity Framework Provider version 1.0.0-alpha2 was released, we got lots of valuable feedbacks from customers. Recently we summarized all the feedbacks and fixed the most critical bugs reported. Now we are happy to announce the release of WCF Data Services Entity Framework Provider 1.0.0-beta2 (Below using EF6 Provider beta2 for short)….


Using WCF Data Services 5.6.0 with Entity Framework 6+

And now for some exciting news: you can finally use WCF Data Services with Entity Framework 6+! Today we are uploading a new NuGet package called WCF Data Services Entity Framework Provider. This NuGet package bridges the gap between WCF Data Services 5.6.0 and Entity Framework 6+. We were able to build this provider as…


WCF Data Services, now with more releases!

Like other teams at Microsoft, WCF Data Services has been working toward a goal of more frequent releases. We released 5.0 on April 9 and we pre-released WCF Data Services 5.0.1-rc* on April 20 (we’ll release the final version of 5.0.1 very soon). The rapid release was possible because of three changes we’re making. First…


Metro OData prerelease bits and app

Phani just published a blog post with directions on how to build OData apps for Windows 8 Metro. The Metro bits are still very much in a prerelease form (e.g., you’ll have to invoke codegen with a command line tool) but it should enable developers to start trying out OData on Metro. For the blog…


JSON Light Sample Payloads

We recently put together a document that contains some of our thinking about JSON light as well as a whole slew of sample payloads. We would love to hear any feedback you have on the format; you can comment in the accompanying OneNote. We will be accepting public feedback on JSON light until May 4,…


Actions in WCF Data Services – Part 3: A sample provider for the Entity Framework

This post is the last in a series on Actions in WCF Data Services. The series was started with an example experience for defining actions (Part 1) and how IDataServiceActionProvider works (Part 2). In this post we’ll go ahead and walk through a sample action provider implementation that delivers the experience outlined in part 1…


Actions in WCF Data Services – Part 2: How IDataServiceActionProvider works

In this post we will explorer the IDataServiceActionProvider interface, which must be implemented to add Actions to a WCF Data Service. However if you are simply creating an OData Service and you can find an implementation of IDataServiceActionProvider that works for you (I’ll post sample code with Part 3) then you can probably skip this…


Actions in WCF Data Services – Part 1: Service Author Code

If you read our last post on Actions you’ll know that Actions are now in both OData and WCF Data Services and that they are cool: “Actions will provide a way to inject behaviors into an otherwise data-centric model without confusing the data aspects of the model, while still staying true to the resource oriented…