[Announcement] OData V4 Client Code Generator 2.1.0 Release


  1. OData v4 Client Code Generator now supports  the generation of properties whose type, functions whose parameter types and return type are Edm.TimeOfDay or Edm.Date.
  2. OData v4 Client Code Generator generates one more ByKey method for each EntityType, which directly accepts all keys as parameters instead of a dictionary.


Bug Fixes:

  1. Fix a bug that OData v4 Client Code Generator may generate empty ExtensionMethods class.
  2. Fix a bug that OData v4 Client Code Generator may generate duplicate names between a property and a private field.
  3. [Github issues #10] Fix a bug that OData v4 Client Code Generator cannot correctly generate code when EntityType name and one of its property name are same.
  4. Fix a bug that OData v4 Client Code Generator cannot correctly generate VB code for a bound function which returns a collection.
Comments (7)

  1. Stephen says:

    So Excited for the next version with DateTime Support!!!!

  2. عابر القارات11 says:

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  3. Vojtech Vit says:

    Hi guys,

    The OData v4 client library throws DataServiceQueryException instead of ODataErrorException when using Response.CreateErrorResponse on the server side with HTTP status code other than OK. In our company, for instance, we use PreconditionFailed to signal operational errors:

    return ResponseMessage(



                           new ODataError


                               ErrorCode = "1",

                               Message = "Configuration could not be loaded."


    … which means that we cannot access a parsed OData Error through the thrown exception, making the client library difficult to use in these scenarios. Could you please add support to ODataErrorException exception throwing for other HTTP status codes in the next release? It would really help.

  4. Antonio H Lopes says:


    This is amazing, i have started with OData a two weeks ago. Really very easy to publish small databases over http protocol. Unfortunately, my first client is an iOS 8.1 application, using Objective-C. I fix the odatalib library and odatagen application, and now i can run over odata. (OData Client for Objective-c v1.3)

    although, it is natural to think in Xamarin, some customers have apple developer account and some ipads, only; we provide the source code and the customer compile and install on ipads.

    There is another option that is json but NSJSONSerialization is not strong type.

    There is the possibilty of release a new OData client for Objective-C?



    i have SmartDevice development using VS2008 with Windows Embedded Compact 7.

  5. Laurentiu says:

    With this breaking change of DateTime, M$ took the worst decision ever with regards to the ODATA.

    I really want to go away from it.

    First WCF Data Services went dead, and the rubbish web api was supposed to fullfill its job, but in a very lousy way.

    Now, DateTime is remove from ODATA. Goodbye Microsoft!

  6. Khiraling says:

    I'm getting below error

    Running transformation: System.Net.WebException: Failed to access the metadata document. The OData service requires authentication for accessing it. Please download the metadata, store it into a local file, and set the value of “MetadataDocumentUri” in the .odata.config file to the file path. After that, run custom tool again to generate the OData Client code

    also *.odata.config is not getting generated.

    Can someone point me what could be the issue.



  7. Stephen says:

    You guys are worrying me.  

    Last time you went this long without a post you were busy making a sweeping change (Abandoning WCF Data Services in favor of Web API).

    Can we get a post saying what is going on?  Is everything still progressing toward version 5.4?  Will it have DateTime support like the work item says it will?

    Something… anything…  You make me worried when you don't say anything.

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