[Announcement] ODataLib 6.6.0 Release

We are happy to announce that the ODL 6.6.0 is released and available on nuget along with the source code oncodeplex (please read the git history for the v6.6.0 code info and all previous version). Detailed release notes are listed below.

Bug Fix

  • Fix a bug that Client cannot serialize/deserialize a collection property whose element type is abstract complex type, but the element value is concrete 

New Features

    • Add Instance Annotation on ODataProperty and ODataComplexValue

    • UrlParser supports some Arithmetic Operators and built-in functions
      1. Support add, sub operators between DatetimeOffset and Duration
      2. Support the negation operator for duration
      3. Support following built-in functions
    • ODL supports advertising functions/actions which bound to a collection of entities in payload by using name/value pairs of title and target


Call to Action

You and your team are highly welcomed to try out this new version if you are interested in the new features and fixes above. For any feature request, issue or idea please feel free to reach out to us atodatafeedback@microsoft.com.

Comments (9)

  1. Dave says:

    What happen to WCF? Odata doesn't work for my use cases, is WCF deprecated? is there a WCF team or just Odata now?

  2. Tudor says:

    Dave, Microsoft announced they they won't be actively working on WCF Data Services anymore: blogs.msdn.com/…/future-direction-of-wcf-data-services.aspx

    and that all future releases will focused on ASP.NET WebAPI..

    A sad news, but somehow expected – just another abandoned technology like Silverlight.. 🙁

  3. Stephen says:

    Dave, I have not heard any new of the demise of normal WCF.  (However, with Microsoft you never really know for certain.  They have become very unreliable with their technologies.)

    WCF Data Services however is dead (as Tudor indicated).  The current version will eventually be open sourced (the OData V4 version of WCF Data Services already is).

    So to sum up, WCF is alive (as far as I know), but WCF Data Services is dead.

    If you are feeling up to trusting that MS will not kill off Web API OData, then it is the current method of OData that has a future.  

    Web API OData takes massively larger amounts of work to create a OData Endpoint using Web API OData for all but the most trivial models.  However, it does seem to support more extensibility than the WCF Data Services implementation of OData did.

  4. Dave says:

    that's cool, I didn't know that WCF data services was different from WCF, I use WCF over named pipes for inter process communication, its very very fast, I would be really pissed it they where to break it, it's pretty awesome as is so I'm not too concerned about updates. seems like they could have just came out with Odata Communication Foundation instead of stealing the WCF name, anyway what a relief, they make so many bone head moves since 2010 it boggles the mind. I sure hope the new leadership will make the right coarse corrections, I don't even want to think about life without C#,WPF,MEF,WCF etc.

  5. Sethu says:

    ODATA Samples that works with Azure Mobile Services would be helpful.

  6. Stephen says:

    I would really appreciate a post about DateTime vs DateTimeOffset.  Seems like a real drawback to the roll out of OData v4.

    I have heard rumors that you may put DateTime back in even though it is not in the spec/protocol.  A post confirming or denying (and discussing why) would be useful.

  7. Onur Gumus says:

    I was trying to send a mail to you but there is a problem with odatafeedback@microsoft.com mail address

    I am getting the following error:


    Your message wasn't delivered due to a permission or security issue. It may have been rejected by a moderator, the address may only accept email from certain senders, or another restriction may be preventing delivery. For more tips to resolve this issue see DSN code 5.7.1 in Exchange Online. If the problem continues contact your help desk

    Anyway my problem is:

    I wrote a custom client and I would like to use relative urls in my batch requests due to my odata server behind a reverse proxy. Having hardcoded server urls is not so nice with reverse proxy.

    However, the batchwriter does want an absolute base URI. And this is I believe an unnecessary restriction because

    the following request just works fine with asp.net web api 2.2.

    Can you change batchwriter so that it accepts relative urls ?

  8. Chuanbo says:

    any update on the support of Datetime on ODataLib v4?

  9. Why is OData.org so broken says:

    from time to time Odata.org is down and another thing is it has broken links

    e.g. rotating gallery's 2nd item at http://www.odata.org points to http://www.odata.org/…/basic-tutorial which is broken (about the OData Protocol)

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