[Announcement] ODataLib 6.4.0 Release

We are happy to announce that the ODL 6.4.0 is released and available on nuget along with the source code oncodeplex (please read the git history for the v6.4.0 code info and all previous version). Detailed release notes are listed below.

Bug Fix

  • Fix a bug for top level dynamic property payload don’t have @odata.type annotation

New Features

  • ODataLib supports write & read async headers & payload

  ODataLib now supports new aysnc API in .Net 4.0. For example you can now use code like:  var customers = await ctx.Customers.ExecuteAsync();

  •  OData Client supports using enum in query options & operation parameter

please refer to this blog post http://blogs.msdn.com/b/odatateam/archive/2014/03/18/use-enumeration-types-in-odata.aspx

  • Support server side paging on client
On client side you should be able to write code:

       NorthwindEntities ctx = new NorthwindEntities(new Uri(@"http://services.odata.org/V4/Northwind/Northwind.svc/"));

     var customers = ctx.Customers.GetAllPages(); // automatically get all pages of the Customers entity set   

     foreach (var customer in customers)




 Call to Action

You and your team are highly welcomed to try out this new version if you are interested in the new features and fixes above. For any feature request, issue or idea please feel free to reach out to us at odatafeedback@microsoft.com.

Comments (13)

  1. OData 4.0 aggregation says:

    Is there any plan to provide support for aggregation ($apply and $groupby) ?

  2. AdamCaviness says:

    I have a question, you invite us to reach out to you, how does one go about doing that? For example, the Web API OData team ispart of the aspnetwebstack team (by inference); they are on CodePlex and I can create an issue in their issue tracking system but for your team I'm lost of how to reach out.  Are comments on this blog the only avenue?

  3. OnurG says:

    Still no support for Windows phone 8.1 🙁

  4. Scott_Xu says:

    "ODataLib now supports new aysnc API in .Net 4.0"

    async API is in .Net 4.5

  5. @OData 4.0 aggregation

    The aggregation support is in our plan targeting later this year.

  6. @OnurG

    The support for Windows Phone 8.1 will be released together with ODataLib 6.5.0 in this month.

  7. @Scott_Xu

    Thank you for your feedback. What we actually mean is that the async APIs we added returns Task, which was firstly introduced in .NET 4.0, but they are not decorated with the "async" keyword, which was introduced in .NET 4.5. Thus, .NET 4.5 users can use these APIs together with the "async" and "await" keywords in their codes while users staying on .NET 4.0 can also use them in the .NET 4.0 fashion and compile on 4.0.

  8. @AdamCaviness

    You can contact us at odatafeedback@microsoft.com. I'll update all the posts that have "call to action" section with this mail address.

  9. Uffe says:

    I can't seem to find the BypassValidation property on the reader and writer settings.

  10. LeoHu1 says:

    aggregation will come late this year.

  11. Nicolas Lips says:

    For server-side aggregation you can use the LINQ extension .QueryByCube() provided by the component AdaptiveLINQ (www.adaptivelinq.com).

  12. Why not merge individual commits? says:

    Why do you folks dump the whole release in just one commit? Very hard to see what individual commits have gone into the release.

    Could you please start pushing all the commits when you sync the public repo with your private one?

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