New and improved EULA!

TL;DR: You can now (legally) use our .NET OData client and ODataLib on Android and iOS.


For a while now we have been working with our legal team to improve the terms you agree to when you use one of our libraries (WCF Data Services, our OData client, or ODataLib). A year and a half ago, we announced that our EULA would include a redistribution clause. With the release of WCF Data Services 5.6.0, we introduced portable libraries for two primary reasons:

  1. Portable libraries reduce the amount of duplicate code and #ifdefs in our code base.
  2. Portable libraries increase our reach through third-party tooling like Xamarin (more on that later).

It took some work to get there, and we had to make some sacrifices along the way, but we are now focused exclusively on portable libraries for client-side code. Unfortunately, our EULA still contained a clause that prevented the redistributable code from being legally used on a platform other than Windows.

OData and Xamarin: Extending developer reach to many platforms

We are really excited about Microsoft’s new collaboration with Xamarin. As Soma says, this collaboration will allow .NET developers to broaden the reach of their applications and skills. This has long been the mantra of OData – a standardized ecosystem of services and consumers that enables consumers on any platform to easily consume services developed on any platform. This collaboration will make it much easier to write a shared code base that allows consumption of OData on Windows, Android or iOS.

EULA change

To fully enable this scenario, we needed to update our EULA. We, along with several other teams at Microsoft, are rolling out a new EULA today that has relaxed the distribution requirements. Most importantly, we removed the clause that prevented redistributable code from being used on Android and iOS.

The new EULA is effective immediately for all of our NuGet packages. This means that (even though we already released 5.6.0) you can create a Xamarin project today, take a new dependency on our OData client, and legally run that application on any platform you wish.


As always, we really appreciate your feedback. It frequently takes us some time to react, but the credit for this change is due entirely to customer feedback. We hear you. Keep it coming.

The OData Team

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  1. Roygar says:

    It's a good news (even if I read it two weeks later), the problem is since I upgraded Xamarin for the Visual Studio 2013 support I can´t install the WCF Data Service on a portable Project, I get and error with System.Spatial. I contacted the team via nuget (no response yet), so  just In case I'm leaving the comment here too

  2. 小数保存错误 says:


  3. stephen says:

    Anything new happening with WCF Data Services?

  4. 정명학 says:

    오데이타와 WCF 데이터 서비스 짝꿍!

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