WCF Data Services 5.2.0 Released

We’re pleased to announce that today we are releasing NuGet packages and a tools installer for WCF Data Services 5.2.0. As mentioned in the prerelease blog post, this release brings in the UriParser from ODataLib Contrib and contains a few bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

This release contains the following noteworthy bug fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where code gen for exceedingly large models would cause VS to crash (you need to run the installer to get this fix)
  • Provides a better error message when the service model exposes enum properties
  • Fixes an issue where IgnoreMissingProperties did not work properly with the new JSON format
  • Fixes an issue where an Atom response is unable to be read if the client is set to use the new JSON format

URI Parser

In this release ODataLib now provides a way to parse $filter and $orderby expressions into a metadata-bound abstract syntax tree (AST). This functionality is typically intended to be consumed by higher level libraries such as WCF Data Services and Web API.

For a detailed write-up on $filter and $orderby parsing, see this blog post.

General Reliability and Performance

In addition, we’ve invested a little bit more in improving the overall stability and performance of WCF Data Services. While we recognize that we have continued room for improvement, we are actively investing here and will continue to invest in reliability and performance over the next several releases.

What do you need to do?

This release is a little unusual because we fixed bugs in both code gen and the runtime. Most customers should run the installer, which will fix the code gen bug and ensure that new WCF Data Services are created with the other fixes in 5.2.0. If you are only authoring services and you use NuGet to update your dependencies, simply updating to 5.2.0 is sufficient to get the rest of the fixes. (Note, however, that if you don’t run the installer all new services will need to be updated to get the other fixes in 5.2.0.)

What do you think?

As always, we love it when our customers stay on the latest releases and give us feedback about what works, what needs to be improved, and what’s outright broken. If you have any feedback related to this release, please leave a comment below or e-mail me at mastaffo@microsoft.com.

Comments (12)

  1. Joe Albahari says:

    For those of you using LINQPad to test and query OData, I've just released a LINQPad beta that targets WCF Data Services 5.2:


  2. @g.puchtel – Sorry, I'm not sure I understand what you're asking? All of these bits should work fine in VS 2012.

  3. JeroMiya says:

    Any idea when the ODataLib Contrib NuGet package will be updated for 5.2? Currently the latest source code for ODataLib and ODataLib Contrib seems to have gone dark – odata.codeplex.com hasn't seen a source drop since July, and there have been at least 6 nuget package updates since then. Else I would have built my own version of the lib.

  4. Leon Meijer says:

    I would like to set the ProxyAddress, BypassProxyOnLocal and UseDefaultWebProxy properties of the binding of DataServiceContext. But I cannot find a way how to set this. In my case, I cannot use a global setting so I would like to set it per DataServiceContext.

  5. @JeroMiya – because the URI Parser is making its way into ODataLib, the Contrib package will be restricted to 5.1. There is a little bit of an awkward transition period as Web API releases bits that reference 5.2.0, but they will be doing that by the time they RTM.

  6. Max says:

    Hi, great work!

    What about debugging symbols?

  7. Gerrard says:

    Hey, Can you please suggest best practices for using WCF Data services for WPF enterprise app over SOA?

    Can we use repository pattern etc?

  8. Lex Lavnikov says:

    Will source code be available? (We need to fix some things).


    a) Will it be possible to enable relative URI in continuations? (because of http tunneling)

    b) Will it be possible to wrap response stream in client (we need to implement compression for SL client)? (the logic is already there, but private)

    Thank you in advance

  9. Stephen says:

    Does this work when targeting .NET 4.0? (Will the client libraries run on a Windows XP machine?)

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