What do you want to see added/changed in WCF Data Services?

As we’ve posted a few times before on this blog the data services team is beginning to explore improvements and new features for our next release.  As part of this process, it’s critical that we hear your feedback, as it helps us ensure that what we build actually meets your requirements in real-world scenarios.  Today we’re launching a new site that will allow you to interact more directly with the development team and provide input: http://dataservices.mswish.net .

The site’s pretty simple and self-explanatory – you can add a new feature request or vote for feature requests that are already there. We’ve already pre-populated this list with items that were submitted on our prior Connect site and we’ve also transferred over votes.  We hope you’ll try it out and vote on the features you most want to see added.  Finally, as features move from ideas into actual development we’ll post our thoughts and ideas to this blog as design notes.


-Mike Flasko

Lead Program Manager, Microsoft

Comments (8)

  1. Greg Shelton says:

    Nice.  I stumbled across the site a couple of days ago and was discouraged by the lack of activity.  I cast my 10 votes.  I hope others will do they same.

  2. Ben says:

    if this service could use all linq functinalities

  3. mandar says:

    using of complex type responses on consumption will be appreciated!!

  4. Mike Bowen says:

    Part of the OData protocol is to allow a "deep insert" where you can send a request with multiple items in one request. According to some MS employees on the forums, this is currently not supported in the WCF DS and it is really something that should be added.

  5. Richard Laird says:

    Service should be able to support returning any type attributed as a DataContract, not just types that are known within an ObjectCOntext.  Should be fully serializable and consumable by client proxies.

  6. Anjani Kumar B says:

    using of complex type responses on consumption will be appreciated!! It should be avialble by now.. I'm reallly surprised howcome MS  missed it!!!!

  7. Glen says:

    Appreciate if this issue is resolved …

    Looks very obscure!

  8. Kevin C says:

    Please add support of ComplextType as return type for service operation.  A lot of people will appreciate it.


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