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A few of us from the Astoria team will be at PDC this year.  If you are heading to the conference and want to chat about data services, drop us a note or we'll likely bump into you in the lounge / discussion areas.

Below is a short video that talks about the data services sessions that will be at the conference.  Pablo even hints at a "secret" session that he will be giving at the conference :).  We hope to see you there!

Astoria Design Walkthrough: No design... just plugging our PDC talks!

Session Details:

- Developing Applications Using Data Services (on premises or cloud services): Tues, Oct 28 @ 1:45pm

- Offline Enabled Data Services and Desktop Applications: Wed, Oct 29 @ 3pm

- Unnamed third talk by Pablo: Wed, Oct 29 @ 1:15pm


See you there,

Mike Flasko -- ADO.NET Data Services, Program Manager

Comments (2)

  1. Nick Williams says:

    Congrats to you guys for getting your work put in such a important new project – Azure, I mean.  I hope that this will give you guys more resources there at Microsoft.

    I watched both of your talks on Channel9, and became especially excited after seeing Mr. Flasko’s roadmap slide that included an entry for retrieving recordcount! I was doubly excited to see that Data Services was the choice for accessing data in Azure.

    Thanks for listening to my incessant recordcount suggestions, too!

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