Compat Note: Silverlight Beta 2 Client & .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Server Components

A few folks have asked about using the Silverlight Beta 2 client library against a data service created using the recently released .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 RTM bits.  In general, the Silverlight Beta 2 data services library was created to target the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Beta release of ADO.NET Data Services server side components.  While the Silverlight Beta 2 data services library may work in some scenarios against a .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 RTM server, you should NOT count on the two being fully compatible with each other.

Now that we rev'd the server side with this release of .NET 3.5 SP1 RTM our current task is to update the Silverlight data services client to work well with the RTM'd service side.  In the Silverlight RTW timeframe the data services Silverlight client will be updated to be fully compatible with the .NET 3.5 SP1 RTM server side components. 

In future, this type of impact will be minimized because as part of our last few .NET 3.5 SP1 development milestones we added a versioning scheme directly into the data services product to make client and server rev’s tolerant of each other where possible. 


-Mike Flasko

Program Manager, ADO.NET Data Services

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  1. Ben Hayay says:

    Mike, thank you for the info.

    Once you update the client side for this SP1, can you tell us what [critical] features are still pending for SL RTW?

    Would you be able to give us some updated docs and samples, particularly on the client side how to get started? A couple of videos would be helpful.

    Will the two-way binding be completed for the next update (before RTW)?



  2. Ben – Two way binding in SL works in Beta 2.  Not sure what you mean by that…

  3. BenHayat says:

    Hi Shawn;

    The following is from your recent blog on SL and Astoria:


    "Currently the Data Contract objects do not support INotifyPropertyChanged or INotifyCollectionChanged so data binding may be affected in some cases.There are partial methods for detecting changes to specific properties which makes implementing the INotifyPropertyChanged interface trivial, but not quick. Future versions (e.g. post-RTM) will give us better control over the generation of the data contract classes."


    Wouldn’t the above problem affect the two-way data binding?


  4. JasonBSteele says:

    Thanks to Ben for raising this question. I too would like to know whether the generated client will support change tracking.

    Without it, updating data from a bound DataGrid is pretty tricky!

    Thanks, Jason

  5. dpblogs says:

    We took a POCO based approach in V1, so the classes are very light weight and do not implement binding interfaces directly.  This (better binding support) is something we want to add, but it just did not fit into our V1 timeframe. Thanks for the feedback.


  6. L'installation du SP1 (VS 2008 SP1 et/ou framework 3.5 sp1) empêche les développements

  7. lgalicia says:

    Hi Mike Flasko, i have updated the VS 2008 to Sp1 aug 11 (RTW) and my data service/SilverLight Client service has crashed :(, the bug is known but  not could’nt downgrade, i have the Previous SL SDK, but still have the same bug, no new suggestions (?) or some patch or whatever, i have a big UI made in SL……. Thx

  8. Zinovate says:

    I can attest that it DOES NOT WORK. Thank god I had a backup of my environment. I would have been toast. I tried for hours to only give up and revert.  I am an ISV building demo clients in an attemt to support the 2.0 release with production apps and that sucked. I was days away from a big demo and I made the mistake of upgrading.  Now I get to wait untill…. Oh well, my fault for trying to support MS’s newest platform.

  9. lgalicia says:

    Some people have luck and other only the patient to wait the release…   :=(, i found new  bugs in VS, i want kill myself….. hahaha

  10. Zinovate says:

    Look, I have to get back to work. Can someone repost the .NET SP1 beta bits please so I can roll back and get back to work. My boss is on the verge of calling a hault to this "Silverlight" thing. I NEED SOME GOD DAM HELP>>>>>

  11. lgalicia says:

    Convert all to ASP and AJAX, don’t wait for the Release, i think this will be the next month, i made so to get some time.

  12. lgalicia says:

    don’t worry about me, i have been fired :(, bad luck, thx, there is’nt work by there?

  13. Why is this such a pain? says:

    Why the heck wouldn’t you make sure that it’s compatible with the SP1 release????  That is just crazy to me, and is really starting to make me question the stability and sanity of the Microsoft development teams who are working on this stuff.  

    I’ve wasted my entire morning trying to build a demo so that I can convince our clients to go with Silverlight.  Well, I’m no longer convinced.  How many of these stupid  –  Well this dosen’t work anymore bla bla things are we going to come accross?  

    With the amount of bugs, and "planned features" that I see comming, I’m thinking that I’m going to have to wait for Silverlight 2 SP1 before we can count on the platform at all.

  14. As an offshoot of the feedback we got from different channels , ( Blogs , Direct emails to team members

  15. To put context back to this thread: based on customer feedback we created a temporary update to enable interoperability between Silverlight 2 beta 2 and RTM servers. This blog post has the details:


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