Design Notes: Row Count

One of the scenarios we have heard feedback around is the ability for the a client of a data service to determine the total number of entities in a set without having to retrieve them all. The following video discusses this scenario in more detail and some of our thoughts regarding how to make the…


TechEd EMEA 2008 – Data Services Content

Are you going to TechEd EMEA this coming week?  If so, we’ve got the following data services focused sessions at the conference: WUX 313 (Thursday @ 5:30) – Building and Consuming REST-based Data Services for the Web: In this session we’ll take a brief look at the "why" and "what" of data services and then…


Alpha preview of Project Codename "Astoria Offline" coming soon

As we already discussed in a previous blog post, one of the problem spaces related to data services we’d like to take on is synchronization-capable services, enabling offline scenarios. We’re still in the early stages of the project, where direction can be adjusted and good feedback can be very influential. Giving good feedback without actually…


Data Services Content @ PDC

PDC is done for another year.  We had a great time presenting and chatting everyone.  Thanks for all your thoughtful feedback!   If you didn’t make it to all the data services PDC sessions…. First: Shame on you.  Second: Here is a summary (with links to recordings) of the data services focused sessions at PDC:  …


See you at PDC

Technorati Tags: PDC2008 A few of us from the Astoria team will be at PDC this year.  If you are heading to the conference and want to chat about data services, drop us a note or we’ll likely bump into you in the lounge / discussion areas. Below is a short video that talks about…


Astoria futures: offline-enabled data services

We mentioned that we were doing some early thinking of “Astoria Offline” back in Mix 2008, where we even demo’ed an early proof of concept. Now we’ve been working on various design aspects of Data Services for its future versions, and synchronization/offline support is one of them. It’s still an experimental thing with no official…


Silverlight + Controls Samples

Another nice Silverlight sample was posted today by Valeri.  You can play with the app online here and a description of how it is built along with source is here.   -Mike Flasko ADO.NET Data Services, Program Manager


Silverlight TreeView Load on Demand

Check out this interesting sample I came across today which loads data from an ADO.NET Data Service into a Telerik tree view control on demand:   -Mike Flasko ADO.NET Data Services Program Manager


Making Feeds Friendly

The goal of Astoria in V1 is to easily expose a data source using the REST approach to the web (with support for concurrency, versioning, auth, etc).  In general, the way we think about serialization formats (ie. how we represent entites on the wire) is that they are a tool and an application will select…


ADO.NET Data Services Concepts

A refresh of our “Overview of ADO.NET Data Services” white paper is now up on MSDN here: .  The document is meant to cover the high-level concepts for the product.  A companion paper “Using ADO.NET Data Services” published a little while ago complements this overview with details on product features and how to use…