Unable to view Sharepoint Web application General Settings

  If you try to open general settings of a web application in sharepoint and get an error “Updates are currently disallowed on GET requests. To allow updates on a GET, set the ‘AllowUnsafeUpdates’ property on SPWeb.” You can try this script from powershell. $myweb = get-spwebapplication http://nameofproblemwebapp $myweb.HttpThrottleSettings$myweb.Update()  


Failed to install the product: Drive Name:globaloserver.msi error code: 1603(0x643) error when installing sharepoint 2013

Today when installing a virtual development environment for Sharepoint 2013 I got “SharePoint Server 2013 encountered an error during setup”  error. When I checked the details of the error in error log file   I found an entry “Failed to install the product: c:\global\oserver.msi error code: 1603(0x643) error when istalling sharepoint 2013” I tried many different…


How many lines of code do i have?

I am doing code reviews from time to time to my customers. When asking how lines of code do they have generally they do not know how to find it with an easy way. Visual studio 2012 and 2010 has a cool feature called code metrics which you can use under analyze tab or just…


Secure Coding Basics

Most developers are reluctant to take the responsibility in security and assume that this is the job of web administrators and network engineers. You may have best infra in terms of security but if your developers are not writing secure code your system can easily be hacked. Security is a broad concept but I just…