Welcome Sharepoint 2019 Preview

As announced in Techcommunity by Bill Baer we have a new baby:) https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-SharePoint-Blog/Announcing-Availability-of-SharePoint-Server-2019-Preview/ba-p/214427 Let’s summarize some of the new features that I love in Sharepoint 2019 Preview;   SMTP authentication when sending emails It was a great problem between Sharepoint and Exchange administrators to allow Sharepoint to relay email through Exchange:) SharePoint Server 2019 now…

Sharepoint Release Management with TFS End to End cycle Demo

In this demo I am showing how to create a TFS project, create a Sharepoint web part solution and adding it to source control repository of the TFS project, create the build automation (By creating wsp package)  and release automation and activating the continuous integration.