Unable to view Sharepoint Web application General Settings

  If you try to open general settings of a web application in sharepoint and get an error “Updates are currently disallowed on GET requests. To allow updates on a GET, set the ‘AllowUnsafeUpdates’ property on SPWeb.” You can try this script from powershell. $myweb = get-spwebapplication http://nameofproblemwebapp $myweb.HttpThrottleSettings$myweb.Update()  


Failed to install the product: Drive Name:globaloserver.msi error code: 1603(0x643) error when installing sharepoint 2013

Today when installing a virtual development environment for Sharepoint 2013 I got “SharePoint Server 2013 encountered an error during setup”  error. When I checked the details of the error in error log file   I found an entry “Failed to install the product: c:\global\oserver.msi error code: 1603(0x643) error when istalling sharepoint 2013” I tried many different…