My first SharePoint 2013 App is available in the marketplace

My first SharePoint 2013 App is available since some days in the marketplace.

You can download it here:

Corporate News App

 This App is a pure SharePoint App (not auto or provider hosted).

I decided to distribute this App as an open source project, so you can download source code on the codeplex project site : 

 This App is dedicated to the management of corporate news in SharePoint lists and the render as a classical dynamic carousel app part.

If you like it, please rate this tool  on the marketplace pages !


App screenshot:

Comments (25)
  1. RichardP says:

    Hi Olivier, I like the look of the app but when I try to view the app, it just shows a spinning/loading icon, none of the content (Although I'm able to edit/remove as expected)

  2. Kalona says:


    Your app worked just fine but now wont load in IE, you just get "This content cannot be displayed in a frame" Please fix!


  3. RemcoP says:

    Same problem as Kalona. I have download the app from the SharePoint Store and activated it on my online platform. Any ideas?


  4. Hi Olivier. Thanks for the app. These features are very much needed. I tried your app on Office 365 but wasn't able to install. Just a 'Sorry, something went wrong with adding the app. Click to retry.' message appears. Can is it possible to use that app on the public facing site of Office 365?

    Thanks for your answers and thanks for the app anyway!


  5. If you have an error access denied with O365 (error "This content cannot be displayed in a frame") with IE, the work around is to add the URL and in your trusted site list. This bug is not in the APP, but is specific to the authentication mode of O365 with apps.

  6. Sorin says:


    Is your app working with Google Chrome ?

    Because on my On-prem SP 2013 it's not visible

  7. Anthony A. Greiner says:

    This appears to be a great applications.  I have it installed and it appears to be showing a website in the contents.  However, I do not understand how to configure the applications for new pictures and news.  I see the nice management console screenshot, but do not know how to get to it, and can find nothing in the documentation.  BTY, we are using SharePoint 2013 and this was downloaded from the SharePoint 2013 Store.  Any advice would be appreciated!  Thanks!

  8. Guillaume says:

    Hi Olivier,

    Thanks a lot for your app, it works very well!

    Just a question: how can I change the colour?


  9. Thanks Olivier for excellent work, Especially the code about working with resource files.

    I tried Corporate News App on office 365 privet sites and it's work correctly, but when I add the app part to the public Web Site that came with Office 365 Preview and when I open the site as Anonymous then I am getting an Access Denied error.

    any advice to solve this will be appreciated.

  10. A fan says:

    Looks promising but we can't get it to render.  We are experiencing the same issue as Richard (1st Reply in 2012).  Any word on what might be causing it?

    "I like the look of the app but when I try to view the app, it just shows a spinning/loading icon, none of the content (Although I'm able to edit/remove as expected)"


  11. Amparo M. says:

    Great job! However, I have the same issue as Anthony A. Greiner. App installed but I do not see how to change the content or the pictures…

    Please advise!

    Thanks much!

  12. George says:

    Nice, app, Just curious, how long did it take to build it?

  13. Kamil Jurik says:

    Hi, Olivier,

    can you please provide us the required steps to setup anonymous web service calls in onpremise environment?

    Anonymous access and use is highly welcomed scenario.

    Thank you,


  14. David Espadas says:


    Great app, congratulations!!!

    I have a problem… my company users come from worldwide locations and languages.

    So, we decided to use English language to publish all the news… but if one user defines other  Spanish language on shp settings your app doesn't show the news.

    Have you developed anything to fix this little issue?

    David Espadas

  15. Mike says:

    Nice app but its too limited. I'd like to see some enhancements made to it.

    1. the ability to select an image from an existing library

    2. the ability to select an image and not have to copy and paiste the image URL into the app announcement page

    3. Make the width and height percents instead of a fixed width, it doesn't work on all screen resolutions, and its not responsive

    4. Give an option of text instead of an image.

    Will there be any more versions of this coming out anytime soon?

  16. Steve says:

    This app is working as described and for those of you that haven't figuared out how to access the settings, simply go to site content -> corporate news app and you will be presented all of the necessary tiles needed to customize the app.

    Can anyone advise on how to center this app? by default it aligns to the left and I would rather have it center of my webpart zone….anyone?

  17. Knox says:

    How do i add the app to sharepoint 2013

  18. Ignas says:

    Knox, you need to go to Microsoft store: In your site press Site Contents –> add an app –> in the left bottom toolbar you can find SharePoint Store

  19. Helge Lier Petersen says:

    Hi Oliver,

    Grate app – thanks a lot.

    I am using 'Corporate News App' on DK site so I need da-DK instead of da-da.

    Can you please recommend a solution?

    Best regards

    Helge 😉

  20. David White says:

    Fab App. It would be nice to select open links in new window Y/N – Great App though

  21. Ronnie Johnson says:

    I love the way this slider looks. Is there any way to edit the list with a workflow? I want to publish an item to several other sites based on a value in the post.

  22. anna says:

    Can anyone help me. I want to change color for arrow. my tabs are in red color but arrow is still in orange. How can I change arrow color to red?

  23. Talha says:

    Corporate news app is not working with SharePoint site using https(SSL certificate)

    Can anybody help me?


  24. Talha says:

    Hi Olivier,

    Corporate news app is not working with SharePoint 2013 on premises site using https (SSL certificate)

    Can anybody help me?


  25. 03CVA says:

    The Corporate News App is not working properly. The app renders the text in the boxes on the right but does not display the images. Is there support for this? Otherwise I will not be using the app.

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