Hey, Windows Embedded Standard 7 — What’s New With You?: Sorting out the key differences between Windows Embedded Standard 7 and previous versions

Curious to know how Windows Embedded Standard 7 compares to previous editions of componentized, embedded versions of Windows? Read this article: Hey, Windows Embedded Standard 7 — What’s New With You?: Sorting out the key differences between Windows Embedded Standard 7 and previous versions


Microsoft Newsgroups are being migrated to Forums

Newsgroups have been a great source of information for developers and as the communities are evolving, Microsoft Newsgroups are being migrated to Forums. It seems communities are preferring forums vs. newsgroups and Microsoft is aligning on this trend. This move will also unify the customer experience, centralize content, make it easier for active contributors to…


Thoughts about the “Windows Embedded” renaming

I am actually in the plane, flying back from Barcelona where we had a great TechEd EMEA: lots of sessions and some embedded developers eager to get deeper content on Windows Embedded. I spent a lot of time talking with Windows Embedded partners and with developers about technical content and about any feedback they would…


Windows Embedded Standard Certification: Need your help!

You are aware of the new name of the latest version of XPe: Windows Embedded Standard. And you also noticed the recently created Certification for Windows Embedded CE developers. Well, the team is actually working on a Windows Embedded Standard Certification to be added to the MCP program. A great opportunity for you, XPe developers,…


Windows XPe cocktail fountain

Digital Beverage has created a product called MyFountain. Running Windows XP Embedded this “digital bartender” is a fully automated drink fountain that mixes drinks, pours them and cleans the nozzle afterwards with hot water—no bartender required. MyFountain also comes with a mini-computer and touchscreen so you can create your own drinks with the online recipe…


Windows Acceleration Workshops

Want to get started and trained on Windows Embedded tools and technologies? Get a chance to participate to one of the workshops that will be given worldwide in the next weeks in Chicago, Redmond, Bloomington, Boston, Mountain View, Washington D.C., Germany/Erlangen, France/Paris, France/Lyon. Registration is accessed on this page: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/embedded/accelerationworkshops/


Windows Embedded Standard Launch

Today we are announcing Windows Embedded Standard. Come and participate to the virtual launch that will go live today: www.windowsembedded.com/standardlaunch Based on Windows XP technology this new generation brings great new features like Silverlight support, IE7, WMP11, RDP 6.1, SP3,… The installation experience ha been drastically enhanced too (good news for the developers, isn’t it?)!…


Invitation : Windows Embedded Customer Community Event

Le 21 mai prochain, à Paris, se tiendra un évènement qui permettra aux acteurs français de l’embarqué MS d’avoir plein d’informations en avant-première. Si vous êtes intéressé par les technologies embarquées Microsoft et êtes en mesure de signer un accord de confidentialité (ou en avez déjà un), inscrivez-vous en contactant Pascal Angee ou bien sur…


Windows Embedded et le bug de l’an 2038 – year 2038 bug and Windows Embedded

English version at the end… _____ POSIX définit l’heure comme étant le nombre de secondes écoulées depuis le 1er janvier 1970. Sur la plupart des systèmes 32 bits, le type de la variable stockant cette information est un entier de 32 bits signé. Avec ce format, la dernière date représentable est le mardi 19 janvier…