A new blog for Windows Embedded

The Windows Embedded team just started a new team blog that  will bring together a range of voices to spotlight Windows Embedded News and information, and reflect the evolving world of intelligent systems and specialized devices. I highly recommend you bookmark this new blog whether or not you are involved in Embedded projects: Approaching Embedded…


Want to read some embedded emag?

If you are looking for some emag with news around what’s going on around Windows Embedded and related topics, then I recommend taking a look at what Elbacom is publishing here: http://www.elbacom.com/emag/01 http://www.elbacom.com/emag/02


Windows Embedded roadmap update!

The Windows Embedded teams have been working a lot lately on planning and starting executing on the next generation of products. Determined to deliver on the Intelligent Systems promise to extend enterprise software and cloud services to devices. Today, several announcements were made. You can find the full press release here. Here are the main…


Searching info and resources on Windows Embedded?

The online team has just added a great feature on the www.windowsembedded.com site. you now have a dedicated search that searches through all Microsoft content only for Embedded related content. You will find results from the MSDN Library, products information, Knowledgebase, Community (blogs, forums) and they will be sorted as technical or general results. Give…


Live from the Imagine Cup 2011 World Festival… And the winner is…

It has been a great week of competition here in New York. The Imagine Cup 2011 is almost over. Tonight is the announcement of the winners for the different competitions and awards. The energy in the room is crazy. All students have been singing and dancing on the last Black Eyed Peas tune, all together…


WindowsForDevices.com has a new look!

The well-known Windows For Devices web site that publishes tons of articles on Windows technologies powering specialized devices has just be renewed. It now offers a great up to date look that makes surfing through it even more pleasant and easy. The good news is: the quality of the articles is not changing, always the…


Enterprise IT looks for Cloud cover

“Microsoft wants to know, “What are you going to do with The Cloud?” The term is widespread, but what are The Cloud’s practical applications, features, and concrete benefits for Enterprises? As our industry strains to see the details of what shifts lay ahead, today’s technology landscape is already transforming the way we understand and use…


Why the ‘Internet of Things’ is changing Enterprise IT?

You might have heard about the ‘Internet Of Things’ theory developed at MIT and describing a state where the physical objects around us are interconnected by a network. These objects are connected, smart devices. Let’s say they are specialized devices that can be tracked, that gather and process a huge amount of data, and can…


App Verifier for Compact 7 update released

Based on feedback from customers that the Resource Leak Detector (RLD) included with Windows Embedded Compact 7 did not cover all the scenarios that previous version of App Verifier did, we have released an update to App Verifier at MSDN Code Gallery. The updated version of App Verifier allows customers to create their own custom…


French seminar: Windows Embedded Solutions for Retail

On May 9th, Microsoft France will be running a seminar in their Paris headquarters to present Retail Solutions and what Windows Embedded has to bring to this area in terms of platform, management, applications,… Check out this video (in French) and sign up for the seminar contacting weppfr@microsoft.com or visiting www.windowsembedded.fr/retail. .