Windows Embedded roadmap update!

The Windows Embedded teams have been working a lot lately on planning and starting executing on the next generation of products. Determined to deliver on the Intelligent Systems promise to extend enterprise software and cloud services to devices. Today, several announcements were made. You can find the full press release here. Here are the main…


Thinking of running Windows Embedded Standard on a post-it sized computer?

There are plenty of scenarios where you would want to benefit from Windows technologies (in an embedded fashion) on small form factor hardware, such as Digital Signage, Thin Client, Connected TV … If you are looking for some hardware that will support Windows Embedded Standard, that can do HD video decoding leveraging full hardware acceleration…


Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1 released

The Service Pack 1 for Windows Embedded Standard 7 is now available. You can now benefit from all the features of Windows 7 SP1 onto Embedded devices powered by the Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform. You can find details on the fixes and features added into the Service Pack 1 of Windows 7 here. A…


After the Driver Extractor, here comes the Driver Injector

Windows Embedded Standard allows for very fast embedded OS design and deployment. The list of Out Of The Box drivers is impressive, but in the Embedded space, you are never really “standard” and you will need to get your hands on some specific drivers installation. The folks from Elbacom have created a couple interesting tools that…


Windows Embedded Standard 7 based Set Top Boxes presented at CES

If you are a Windows Media Center user, you might have felt many times that it would be awesome to have a device that would boot into the Media Center experience and that would not have any type of Windows Desktop or control panel in the way (not trivial to manipulation the Windows Desktop UI…


Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1 Preview available on Connect

As you know Windows Embedded Standard 7 is a componentized version of Windows 7. it comes with tools enabling OEMs to generate their own optimized Windows 7 based OS for devices. Being based on Windows 7 allows for leveraging all the goodness of Windows 7, and as the first Service Pack for Windows 7 is…


New Windows Embedded Standard 7 book

Sean Liming, notorious Embedded MVP has just published a new book: “Professionals’ guide to Windows Embedded Standard 7”. You can find it here. Check out John’s blog post to learn more about its content (I didn’t get my copy of the book yet ).


What are the differences between Silverlight and Silverlight for Windows Embedded

Silverlight is a very powerful Web technology that is evolving in different directions: out of the Browser (e.g. Silverlight 4) and also out of the PC (e.g. Windows Phone 7 app platform). Lots of noise happened lately around Silverlight and its future after some public discussions. As you have read all over the Web, Microsoft…


Windows Embedded Standard 7 Localization Language Setup and Support

If you are interested to learn more about localization of your embedded OS I recommend reading this blog post and this whitepaper. Windows Embedded Standard uses the same localization model as the Windows 7  but considering footprint impact and user experiences in your Embedded OS design are key and these documents will bring lots of…


Wondering which applications are compatible with Windows Embedded Standard?

If  you are planning on building a Windows Embedded Standard 7 device and wonder which applications are compatible with this platform in order to reuse existing software, you can now leverage this online tool called “Compatible Applications” website. You will be able to navigate through an extensive list of compatible applications like file viewers, Java…