Windows Embedded Compact series of “tips and tricks” webcasts kicking off

In the intent of delivering more technical insight and training to embedded developers working with Windows Embedded CE/Compact, the Windows Embedded team will be kicking off a series of technical “tips and tricks” webcasts next Tuesday October 25th. You will find the information below. The presenter will be Doug Boling, long time expert in this…


App Verifier for Compact 7 update released

Based on feedback from customers that the Resource Leak Detector (RLD) included with Windows Embedded Compact 7 did not cover all the scenarios that previous version of App Verifier did, we have released an update to App Verifier at MSDN Code Gallery. The updated version of App Verifier allows customers to create their own custom…


Get certified for Windows Embedded Compact 7

There is a new certification exam for you Embedded experts: the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exam for Windows Embedded Compact 7. To find more info and register to pass the exam, please visit this page.


Office and PDF viewers for Windows Embedded Compact 7

Recently released, Windows Embedded Compact 7 brings updated Office and PDF viewers applications allowing to build specialized devices that can read Office and PDF docs out of the box. If you have an evaluation or full product DVD, you will find the viewers as a separate install package on the media, but if you are…


Windows Embedded Compact 7 is available!

We have ben talking about Windows Embedded Compact 7 for some time now, with several beta made available to the OEMs in the last months. Well, the product has now been released and is available to the public! This new version provides some great tools and features updates like new tools for developing Silverlight for…


CoreCon4CE and Autolaunch4CE, 2 catalog components for Windows Embedded CE and Compact

When developing an application for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 or Windows Embedded Compact 7, you need to establish a connection between your target and your development environment (Visual Studio). To establish the connection and exchange information with the dev tools, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 leverage a feature called Core Connectivity…


160 BSPs available for Windows Embedded CE 6 as of today!

In order to get Windows Embedded CE to run on a specific hardware you need to have what is called a Board Support Package. This one contains drivers and low layers for the OS specific to a board. Whether you develop your own BSP or get one from a SV or IHV, you install it…


Silverlight for Windows® Embedded – PHYTEC demo

Interested in seeing what can be done with Silverlight for Windows Embedded on Windows Embedded CE and Windows Embedded Compact devices? Check this out: Silverlight for Windows® Embedded – PHYTEC demo