Windows Embedded Compact 7 Advantages by Sam Phung

Sam Phung is VP at ICOP Technologies (a company creating embedded PCs), long time Windows Embedded expert, and founder of the Embedded101 community site. In an article on EECatalog, he presents what he thinks are the advantages of Windows Embedded Compact 7, the latest release of Windows CE. After describing the platform and its main…


What are the differences between Silverlight and Silverlight for Windows Embedded

Silverlight is a very powerful Web technology that is evolving in different directions: out of the Browser (e.g. Silverlight 4) and also out of the PC (e.g. Windows Phone 7 app platform). Lots of noise happened lately around Silverlight and its future after some public discussions. As you have read all over the Web, Microsoft…


Silverlight for Windows Embedded Hello World application

Windows Embedded Compact 7 will soon be out. As part of the new or updated features, Silverlight for Windows Embedded will get a great tools update. Let me rewind a little bit for those who are not up to date on this technology: Silverlight for Windows Embedded is a XAML runtime for Windows Embedded CE/Compact…


Silverlight for Windows® Embedded – PHYTEC demo

Interested in seeing what can be done with Silverlight for Windows Embedded on Windows Embedded CE and Windows Embedded Compact devices? Check this out: Silverlight for Windows® Embedded – PHYTEC demo

MVP created a webcast presenting Silverlight for Windows Embedded concepts

Jochen is an Embedded MVP who works for Elektrobit. In addition to being an MVP Jochen is also Microsoft certified trainer. He just recorded a webcast explaining the concepts of Silverlight for Windows Embedded. Check this out on the Discover The Embedded Experience blog.

A new blog for Silverlight for Windows Embedded

A new team blog was just born. It will cover the technology called Silverlight for Windows Embedded which is a natively programmed XAML rendering engine for Windows Embedded CE/Compact operating system, basically, the technology to build shells and applications for Windows CE devices that will have a Silverlight look and feel, and that Designers can…

26 reasons to go to TechEd North America

Here are some reasons why you should not miss TechEd North America: 1- New Orleans is a great place to go to! 2- TechEd provides a huge amount of technical sessions, Hands on Labs, and other activities that makes a great week of intensive training on Microsoft technologies 3- The Windows Embedded booth will show…