Windows Embedded Compact 7 Advantages by Sam Phung

Sam Phung is VP at ICOP Technologies (a company creating embedded PCs), long time Windows Embedded expert, and founder of the Embedded101 community site. In an article on EECatalog, he presents what he thinks are the advantages of Windows Embedded Compact 7, the latest release of Windows CE. After describing the platform and its main…


A new Version of Component Wizard on Codeplex

Wow, David Jones is definitively active! Here is a new Release Candidate version of a great tool that help Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 developers. It consist in generating a component for the Platform Builder catalog. Extremely useful! You can find the Codeplex project here: This new version brings the…


CeContentWiz a great tool to create Components for the Windows Embedded CE catalog

If you are a Windows Embedded CE developer, you might be familiar with powertoys such as CEFilewiz and CEDriverwiz that are available on Codeplex. David Jones has created an enhnaced version of the CEFilewiz with some interesting added features, like the placement of shortcuts in folders such as My Documents and Start Menu. It also…


160 BSPs available for Windows Embedded CE 6 as of today!

In order to get Windows Embedded CE to run on a specific hardware you need to have what is called a Board Support Package. This one contains drivers and low layers for the OS specific to a board. Whether you develop your own BSP or get one from a SV or IHV, you install it…


Windows Embedded CE driver Wizard on Codeplex

Are you developing drivers for Windows Embedded CE? If yes, then you might really need this great tool: This one will generate what you need to get started on your driver sub-project in Platform Builder. Cool stuff the community is working on and maintaining. You should expected upcoming enhancements and certainly a version for…


Windows CE is NOT dead!

I am just back from the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, CA and I (again) had to answer these same questions again and again: “So is CE really dead?”, “Now you killed CE, how are you addressing the ARM-based platforms?”, “How is it that you are still using Visual Studio 2005?”, “So Windows Embedded…


Platform Builder build process and antivirus systems…

Arghhhh, I just spent 2 hours on trying to figure out why I had my sysgen process would fail really early… And when looking at the error.log file (located in C:\WINCE600) I could just see this kind of messages: Res2Res:  ERROR: Line: 267  File: c:\ce\tools\ostools\wincetools\rescommon\checksum.cpp Didn’t make more sense… But after investigation (2 LONG hours!!),…


CE 6 tools on 64-bits machine

You should check this blog post Mike has been writing about running Windows Embedded CE 6.0 tools on a Windows 64-bit machine, which is something that does NOT work.


Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Bare essentials video

Kurt presents Windows Embedded CE 6.0 fundamental concepts in a really instructive video. Check it out: Windows CE 6.0 Bare Essentials


Meet a Windows CE neophyte

Let me point you at this blog: It is about "Exploring the wonderful world of technology and software development"… what a program! You cannot explore the wonderful world of technology and software development if you don’t try and build your own Embedded device, don’t you agree? This is exactly what Richard is actually doing….