Eating our own Dogfood… interesting “unplugged” experience

I wanted to share an interesting experience I had yesterday. I was presenting a Live Meeting for the Embedded MVPs , and went through the following: – We moved into a new building and it seems someone accidentally cut the main line… so the wired Internet dropped for the whole building. – I jumped on…


Our architect shoes… promising for Embedded innovations!

I cannot resist sharing this with you. You know Mike Hall, our Principal Architect Lead for Windows Embedded? If not go check out his blog. So here is a couple of pictures of Mike wearing really interesting shoes. Knowing that our architect wears such innovative shoes, you can imagine the kind of innovation he is…


Who said mathematics presentations were boring?

Do you know Charles Fleischer? No, really? He is the voice of Roger Rabbit! Check out this great presentation, or should I say performance, he made at TED talk in 2005 and that was republished recently, you will not be deceived. He is talking about serious topics such as astronomy and mathematics in a really……


Office 2010: The movie

This is not related to Windows Embedded at all, but this still is a great video! check it out.


I was not the only one to wear it.

So if you are reading Mike Hall’s blog you might have seen this picture of me wearing that nice pink ladies hat. well I have proof that I was not the only one! Dion also put it on his head for some picture. Personally I think it suits him better than me ;-). especially with…


Become a Pool shark using Windows Embedded CE

Take a look at this amazing system these guys from Georgia Tech: a Windows CE device (eBox 2300) connected to a video projector and projecting directions to assist you when playing pool. Imagine that the eBox 2300 and Windows Embedded CE 6 tools are available through the Spark program, so this is definitively something anyone…


TechEd EMEA: we are missing you Mike!

Dion (Windows CE TPM), Pierre (French Embedded Developer Evangelist), Lynda (Windows Embedded Standard guru), me and other folks from the Embedded group are actually at TechEd EMEA in Barcelona. We are presenting sessions belonging to the huge Embedded track Catherine has been securing. So the Embedded track has a lot of sessions covering a bunch…


Mike’s TechEd shirt

You might have read Mike’s post about his 1998 TechEd shirt. Here is a picture I took this morning: Yes, It is the exact same shirt! He also brought his 8Bit tie, but didn’t dare to wear it: chicken! So Mike presented a session on Windows CE this morning @ TechEd 2008, wearing that 1998…


I’ve been eating alligator!

Here is the proof I have ben eating alligator in Florida. That pretty much tasted like… let’s say… like chicken. Even if I was told by my colleague Dion (our Australian Technical PM for Windows CE) he could easily kill any alligator 😉 with his own hands, I guess this will not be something I…