First Windows Embedded Compact 7 trainings scheduled

While we are working on creating an advanced modular training for Windows Embedded Compact 7, Adeneo Embedded just announced the first series of deep dive trainings that will leverage this official curriculum in Feb, March and April 2011. You can check out the announcement and learn about the training dates  and registration info here.


26 reasons to go to TechEd North America

Here are some reasons why you should not miss TechEd North America: 1- New Orleans is a great place to go to! 2- TechEd provides a huge amount of technical sessions, Hands on Labs, and other activities that makes a great week of intensive training on Microsoft technologies 3- The Windows Embedded booth will show…


More Windows Embedded CE training

I mentioned some interesting training sessions in a previous post. Here are some other: EB, Windows Embedded Gold and Training Partner (now also MS Auto Training Partner) is offering a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 day training sessions in March and April (in europe). Whether you would just like to get a basic overview…


Need some Windows Embedded CE training?

Microsoft has about 60 certified Embedded training partners. You can find the list of these partners on these pages: Training partners for Windows Embedded CE Training partners for Windows Embedded Standard Here is a quote from Adeneo about their future sessions: Adeneo Embedded, Windows Embedded Gold Partner, propose Windows CE 6.0 training sessions in Europe…


The MCP certification for Windows Embedded Standard 2009 is now live!

The English language version of the Microsoft Certification Program (MCP) exam for Windows Embedded Standard 2009 rolled out last week at Prometric Testing Centers worldwide.  Coming in April – Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, and French.  Unlike the CE 6.0 exam, there was no Beta period for the WE Standard exam, which means there was…


Sparks will fly: how to get started?

I recently mentioned the contest called Sparks will fly. The theme of this contest is “Imagine the house of the future” and obviously you are given the opportunity to use the Spark kits to implement your solutions and ideas for a cool home automation system. So you would build a Windows CE image along with…


Windows Acceleration Workshops

Want to get started and trained on Windows Embedded tools and technologies? Get a chance to participate to one of the workshops that will be given worldwide in the next weeks in Chicago, Redmond, Bloomington, Boston, Mountain View, Washington D.C., Germany/Erlangen, France/Paris, France/Lyon. Registration is accessed on this page: