Changing role @Microsoft

I would like to thank you for your interest in following this blog about Embedded technologies.

As I am moving on to another role at Microsoft, you will see different topics covered in here, related to mobility and HTML5/JavaScript development.

I recommend you start following @MSFTWEB on twitter if you are not already doing so as it is a great source of info about Windows Embedded.

I wish all of you great embedded endeavors, and for those interested in Interoperability… welcome!

- Olivier

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  1. Jochen Dieckfoss [MVP] says:

    Thanks Olivier and good luck in your new position. I am sure we will be in touch.

  2. Alex Mang says:

    I'm sorry I won't be reading any Embedded-related posts from you anymore! Best of luck in your new position!


  3. WilkoSki says:

    Who can we now hassle in order to bring back managed development for Windows CE devices ?

  4. @WilkoSki

    Fair question 🙂

    For now reach out to Mike Hall:

    – Olivier

  5. WilkoSki says:

    Olivier, please give Mike Hall a kick and ask him to respond to my posts on his blog.  MS has gone radio silence again.  Still no updates as previously promised.

  6. @WilkoSki

    I will sure give him a kick 🙂

    Note that the Windows Embedded team has a new team blog that you might want to ping as well as the team driving it certainly is eager to interact with the ecosystem:…/windows-embedded

    – Olivier

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