Will there be a specific Kinect hardware for Windows? the answer is yes!

Craig Eisler, General Manager of the Kinect for Windows group, just announced on the Kinect for Windows Blog what his teams are working on, and I find these news pretty exiting. There will be a hardware specific to Windows usage that considers several differences compared to the XBOX usage, like the proximity of the sensor…


Want to read some embedded emag?

If you are looking for some emag with news around what’s going on around Windows Embedded and related topics, then I recommend taking a look at what Elbacom is publishing here: http://www.elbacom.com/emag/01 http://www.elbacom.com/emag/02


Windows Embedded Compact 7 online training

Earlier today we announced the continued investment in Windows Embedded Compact and upcoming new version of the CE based embedded OS. In order to ensure developers are able to access the right type of material to get ramped up or to dig into particular features of Windows Embedded Compact 7, we created a series of…


Windows Embedded roadmap update!

The Windows Embedded teams have been working a lot lately on planning and starting executing on the next generation of products. Determined to deliver on the Intelligent Systems promise to extend enterprise software and cloud services to devices. Today, several announcements were made. You can find the full press release here. Here are the main…


Teach. Play. Change the world

This is the tagline of the Kinect for Windows SDK! The beta 2 is now available for download on the new Kinect for Windows portal. As you can see in the video below a lot of applications people have been starting to work on with Kinect are related to medical, healthcare, education, industrial automation, robotics……