Kinect for Windows SDK beta download is available

The Kinect for Windows SDK is now live.

You can download the sdk for 32 and 64 bits machines from this page:

You will find on the site information on how to get started, along with code samples that will help you get started.

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  1. Prabu Kumar says:

    Just a typo error in the post.I hope instead of "now" it is mistyped as "no" in the first line.:-)

  2. @Prabu

    🙂 thanks for catching this one!


  3. kasa says:

    it's silly… your job is just show how embedded CE is great, powerful and wonderful with a blog that people seldom concerned. YOU needn't promote kinect for windows sdk and somebody will do so. This article isn't qualified neither cus it too short.

  4. @Kasa

    As you can read in the description of the blog, it is not only abou Windows CE. It is about embedded technologies. Note that CE is just one amongst many different products. Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Embedded Posready are based on Windows 7 and therefore support all the features Wndows 7 supports.

    Yes the Kinect for Windows SDK is only beta for now and restricted to non commercial use, but can you imagine how embedded devices can leverage such a technology in a near future? Just to name a couple of scenarios, how about a digital sign that can leverage NUI to optimize the content it delivers. Imagine a car that can detect when the driver is falling asleep or is not attentive to the road…

    Natural User Interfaces are definitively something embedded folks are interested in, and knowing that this SDK is available is certainly something they are happy with. Right folks?


  5. DUNNO says:

    Windows Embedded Standard 7 can support kinectSDK?

  6. @dunno: technically speaking, the SDK runs on WES7 , however, you should be aware that licensing doesn't allow to create a product using the SDK as of today as we are still at a beta stage.

    – Olivier

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