Windows 7 features for Embedded

Windows Embedded Standard 7 is based on Windows 7 and therefore benefits from all the goodness of Windows 7. Using Windows 7 features, in addition to the specific Embedded ones added to the OS, you can deliver unique and specialized experiences. In this video you will see how tools and frameworks such as Windows Touch, Windows Sensors API, Surface SDK, Silverlight, HTML5, the Cloud, can allow you deliver advanced experiences on kiosks or digital signs in no time, leverage a huge ecosystem of Windows developers and software integrators and vendors.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    where can I get those scripts so that I can play with them?

  2. @Jimmy: These are a series of demos that I developed along with existing software.

    The launcher is a simple Surface application developped with the Surface SDK for Windows. It uses a Scatter View control. I used an xml file to list the applications that the launcher can start. the app parses the xml file, adds tiles with the right screenshot capture (pre-backed) and stores commands that will be called when tiles are pressed in order to launche the applications.

    To make an application the shell of your embedded system, you can use the Embedded Enabling feature called Custom Shell (…/Standard-7-Custom-Shell.aspx).

    The advanced touch apps are in the WIndows 7 touch pack you can find here:…/details.aspx

    – Olivier

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