RemoteFX on Windows Embedded Compact 7

Here is a demo of RemoteFX support on Windows Embedded Compact 7. Thanks to MPC Data for their work on making this work on the TI BeagleBoard XM!

Windows Embedded Compact 7 will soon support RemoteFX, a great feature to enable low-power, low footprint, ARM-based thin clients to stream HD videos and do USB redirection to deliver an advanced user experience. You don’t even feel you are on a thin client any longer! This video demos the RemoteFX support in Compact 7.

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  1. David Lafond says:

    Thanks for that nice demonstration between thin client (Beagleboard xm) and Hyper-V VDI.  I currently build a small lab to try it and I have a question for you.  Currently my Beagleboard-xm is booting in 800×600 max resolution in Windows Embeded 7 but in your exemple it look more around 720P or more?  How to change the max resolution of the Beagleboard?



  2. @David

    The resolution can be set in different places, depending on the BSP/drivers used.

    In the case of the BBXM, I am using a custom BSP, but if you are using the OMAP 3730 EVM BSP that is in Compact 7 toolkit, then you should be able to set the resolution through the reg key


    You can find some more detailed information here:…/ee482851.aspx.

    Let me know if this helps

    – Olivier

  3. Stephen Zhang says:


    I am very intersted in RemoteFX.

    How can I used this on TI EVM3730 board just like this video shows?

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Stephen Zhang

  4. @Stephen Please send me an email ("Email Blog Author" on the right menu) so I can forward your request to the right persons in the Windows Embedded team.

    – Olivier

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