Custom Media Center Experience with Windows Embedded Standard 7

Windows Embedded Standard 7 allows Connected Media Devices manufacturers to leverage Media Center experience in their next generation of set-top boxes. Windows Embedded provides resources to allow them to customize this experience to make it unique. In this video you will discover what can be done to rebrand the experience, customize Media Center start menu with MCML or Silverlight and add custom applications and strips in the start menu.

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  1. Alfredo says:

    You guys are obviouly not pushing this product enough. I find WMC to be the future of the TV experience, I urge Microsoft to put more resources and time into this product and not wait until iTV sweeps the market and leaves you with the task of catching up. And please include WMC with Windows 8, having the ability to run WMC on a tablet or atleast function as an extender is a feature that will seperate this product from the rest.  

  2. Oldmajor says:

    How would networking work with WES7 using the Set Top Box template. Since most users have Wireless networks and not wired networks how would i user be able to log in and connect to their network within the media center environment? Also since this is a STB configuration designed to be used with a remote, how would the user use a remote to enter their network password?

  3. @Oldmajor

    This is a fair question. As a matter of fact, the wireless settings integration into Media Center is one of the things Windows Embedded has been adding to deliver a "non-desktop" experience to the final user. I will edit the blog post to show some screen shots.


  4. Thanks Oliver, i didnt realize you responded to my post! However, now I'm having issues with even connecting to a wireless network using the STB wizard and ICE… I'm sure i'll figure something out

  5. @Oldmajor

    Keep us posted


  6. Luke says:


    I was wondering what the script/registry setting you ran to change the default media center start menu to a custom MCML application was. I can not find this script/registry setting anywhere on the web nor the Windows Embedded Partner Portal Resource Center.

  7. @Luke – Instructions and documentation for Media Center customization are provided to OEMs building Set Top Boxes with Windows Embedded Standard. Unfortunately we cannot share this documentation.

    Note that the customization happens at different levels:

      – features and functionalities additions for the Windows Embedded Standard version

      – Registry modifications

      – Resources files modifications

    – Olivier

  8. Justix says:

    I agree with Alfredo, you need to push this product before iTV closes you out.

  9. @justix

    Work in progress… Check out the Ceton Q…/ceton_q

    – Olivier

  10. vali says:

    can you tell how you do to autostart wmc after booting

  11. @Vali

    If you are using Windows Embedded Standard 7, then you should use the Custom Shell feature described here:…/ff793949(v=winembedded.60).aspx.

    If you are on a regular Windows Machine, then you can change the default shell application by modifying this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon

    – Olivier

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