Kinect for Windows SDK beta… anyone plannning to try it on Windows Embedded Standard 7?

I am wondering if anyone out there is planning to play around with Kinect for Windows SDK on a Windows Embedded Standard 7 image? If yes, can you share what the usage scenario you think could be?

For those who have not seen the announcement, the SDK will be available here:

EDIT: The beta of the SDK can now be downloaded from here.

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  1. Greg Duncan says:

    The Kinect SDK beta isn't yet available (at least to those outside of Microsoft). The landing page is still a "coming soon" page…

  2. @Greg

    You are correct. I guess I am a so enthusiast about it, that I dreamt it was already there :). The question is still valid though. Anyone thinking of specific scenarios for embedded devices?


  3. Jeff A says:

    Yes very much so. WES7 will be our primary platform for kinect investigations. Let's talk more off line. -jeff

  4. Andre' Munoz says:

    Yes very interested.  Any ideas as to when the SDK will become available to developers outside of Microsoft ?

  5. @Andre

    This shouldnt be very long now before the SDK is available.

    Please share your ideas, proof of concepts and projects once it is!


  6. Mikle says:

    "Spring" finishes on May, 31. Can "later this spring" mean end of June or even October? As I remember, previously MS promised to make the SDK public only on Autumn… Everybody waits for this product, but nobody can name at least approximate date of release 🙁

  7. @Mikle

    I hear you and I wish I could tell you exactly when. It is any time soon, definitively not October. Stay tuned


  8. The Beta of the SDK is now public. You can go download it here:…/download.aspx


  9. Gianni RG says:

    Hi Olivier, we're starting to follow/support a Master Degree thesis about innovative and natural UI on an Embedded WES7 device, equipped with Kinect, for disabled people to help them with home automation and mobile phones.

  10. Ciao Gianni

    Keep us posted on this project!


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