This month’s Windows Embedded Compact live chat is next Tuesday

If you are interested in chatting with the Dev team developing Windows Embedded Compact, this month’s chat is on next Tuesday at 6:00 PM Pacific time for 1 hour.  Below is the event description.  Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE) Live Chat Do you have tough technical questions regarding Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE)…


Pre-order your Windows Embedded Compact 7 book now!

A new book will shortly be available on Amazon that will give you deep insight into the latest Microsoft’s embedded operating system: Windows Embedded Compact 7. The book covers everything from the principles of embedded systems all the way down to OSDesign, drivers development, applications development and so forth. This is a must-have for any…


Microsoft in your car

Steven Bridgeland, Senior Product Manager for Windows Embedded Automotive, has been filming a segment on the NBC Bay Area program Press:here. Steven’s segment with host Scott McGrew also included Maggie Shiels of the BBC and Rich Jaroslavsky of Bloomberg BusinessWeek to discuss trends in the automotive infotainment market, Microsoft’s strategy and key automakers leading the…


embeddedSPARK challenge finalists announced!

The embeddedSPARK challenge is the Windows Embedded developers competition that runs yearly and that offers a unique chance for developers to test their best ideas. The theme this year for the competition was “Experience Embedded” and allowed participants to introduce very interesting concepts. You can check out the finalists projects here! Congratulation guys!


Kinect for Windows SDK beta… anyone plannning to try it on Windows Embedded Standard 7?

I am wondering if anyone out there is planning to play around with Kinect for Windows SDK on a Windows Embedded Standard 7 image? If yes, can you share what the usage scenario you think could be? For those who have not seen the announcement, the SDK will be available here: EDIT: The beta…


Enterprise IT looks for Cloud cover

“Microsoft wants to know, “What are you going to do with The Cloud?” The term is widespread, but what are The Cloud’s practical applications, features, and concrete benefits for Enterprises? As our industry strains to see the details of what shifts lay ahead, today’s technology landscape is already transforming the way we understand and use…